CSV file documentation

The sleep-export.csv file is a backup file that contains data from sleep records. Each record is saved onto two lines (manually inserted sleep records) or three lines (sleep records recorded by sleep tracking).

First line contains headers:

  • Id – Unique record identificator (timestamp of the record beginning)
  • Tz – Timezone
  • From – Record beginning datetime
  • To – Record end datetime
  • Sched – Next scheduled sleep tracking terminating alarm
  • Hours – Duration of the sleep record
  • Rating – User rating (0.0 – 5.0 with 0.25 step)
  • Comment – User comments and tags
  • Framerate – unused
  • Snore – snoring value (-1: snoring detection was turned off, 0: snoring detection on, no snoring detected)
  • Noise – noise average value
  • Cycles – sleep cycles measured (-1: manually inserted sleep record)
  • DeepSleep – deep sleep aggregated value (-2.0 or -1.0: no hypnogram)
  • LenAdjust – adjusts record length in case of any awake period (fall asleep period, pause, awake detection)
  • Geo – Hashed value of the geo location
  • (times)

Second line contains values. Under the (times) headers, it contains accelerometric (actigraphic) data aggregated from the given periods.

Third line (if present) contains measured noise values throughout the night.