Statistics, sleep score and charts

Sleep as Android gives you three main tools for deep insight into the qualities of your sleep:

  1. Statistics
  2. Sleep score
  3. Charts

Statistics (Tabs mode only)

Statistics can be found on the stats tab inv_ic_action_stats and show:

  • Sleep score card
  • Summary of tagged sleep records
  • Sleep records day by day

Sleep score

Sleep score is a complete summary of your sleep health.

Parameters & healthy ranges

1) Your current sleep score. You get one point for each parameter in its healthy range.

There are six parameters that contribute to sleep quality. Each of the parameters has a healthy range:

  • duration (6.5 hours to 8.5 hours)
  • irregularity (under 0.5 hours)
  • deep sleep percentage (over 30%)
  • sleep efficiency (over 95%)
  • snoring (under 3%)
  • subjective rating (over 3.5 stars)

If you’re in the healthy range for a given parameter, it lights up green and you get one point.

Unhealthy (red) ranges

Every line can also turn red if the values are in a very unhealthy range:

  • duration (less than 6.5 hours, or more than 8.5 hours)
  • irregularity (over 1 hour)
  • deep sleep percentage (under 20%)
  • sleep efficiency (under 85%)
  • snoring (over 10%)
  • subjective rating (under 2 stars)


To study your sleep in detail, take a look at charts.


SleepCloud is a web-based service which allows you to backup and share your sleep data among several different devices. But more importantly, SleepCloud aggregates sleep data from many Sleep as Android users in order to find new information on sleep.
An important aspect of SleepCloud is we get information about the average sleep measures for thousands of Sleep as Android users. In other words you may compare you sleep with others finding out what is normal and what is extreme.
For example at the time of writing this documentation those where the current SleepCloud data:
Amount of sleep graphs in SleepCloud
500 thousand sleep graphs
Average sleep length
Average deep sleep
Sleep cycles
Average snoring duration
22 minutes
You can find most recent data at
We have also build in several analytic features into Sleep Cloud. You can watch trends, relations between two different sleep measures and see what are different sleep habits for people in different countries. Please see the screenshots below.