1. What it does

You can personalize your main screen of Sleep with three different home screen types.

Dashboard is the default home screen, presenting all options in cards. Dashboard is very customizable – you can choose which cards are active, and also pin your most favorite one at the top.

Tabs home screen displays alarm list as the main screen, all other options are available in tabs. You can choose which tabs are shown.

Alarms is a special, simplified mode, when you are using only alarms and do not care about the tracking at all.
The main screen shows list of your alarms. This mode hides all sleep tracking related settings.

2. Where to find it

Leftmenu → Home screen section → Dashboard / Tabs / Alarms
Settings → Personalize → Home screen

3. Options


Alarm card

Shows you the first next active alarm.

  • You can see the alarm time and day of the week, when the very next alarm is scheduled at a glance.

  • Simple tapping on alarm time opens dialogue for changing the alarm time.

  • Tapping + opens the dialogue for creating a new alarm.

  • Tapping on any other place of the card opens list of all alarms.

  • Alarm card has also a special function – you can skip next alarm (or cancel skipping the alarm), edit alarm or delete alarm directly from this card by long pressing on it.

News card

Temporary card shown only during important events or with a crucial message.

Best of noises card

Shows you the selection of the best sounds recorded last night.

  • After tapping on this card, a player plays the file.

Sleep score card

See Sleep score.

  • Tapping on this card opens Stats.

Graphs card

Shows you graphs from the Charts section.

  • You can swipe through the graphs, right ↔ left.

  • Tapping on this card open the last graph (how to read graphs – TODO link, jestli něco bude)

Noise card

Tap takes you to Noise.

Charts card

Shows you graphs from the Charts section.

Advice card

Shows the current advice.

Shortcuts card

A mini-board with shortcuts.

  • Start sleep tracking: Starts sleep tracking manually.
  • Ideal sleep: Starts sleep tracking with and alarm based on your ideal daily sleep income (+ smart period and tracking start delay).
  • Nap: Starts a nap with tracking; smart period from Settings → Sleep tracking → Smart wake up → Nap smart period is applied.
  • Add sleep: For adding a period of sleep manually, when you forgot tracking.
  • Add alarm: You can create new alarm.
Add-on card

A short presentation of our add-ons, compatible devices or our other apps.

  • Tapping on this card opens list of add-ons and other applications made by our team.


Alarm tab

Shows you the list of all alarms

Dashboard tab

Lists all cards from Dashboard except the Alarm card

Stats tab

Shows statistics charts.

Graphs tab

Shows list of Graphs.

Noise tab

Shows the list of Noise recording.

Add-ons tab

A list of add-ons and other applications made by our team.