Goals – improve your sleep!

Actively improve your sleep parameters with Sleep as Android!

What are Goals?

Goals is a tool to motivate you to change your sleep habits for the better.

How does it work?

Set up a goal in Menu > Goal. Tapping on the plus button will get you to the Goal setup screen.

1) Select area in which you’d like to improve over the next 1 month
2) Choose your motivation. You can try the goal for free, or you can bet a few bucks on yourself!
3) Your current standing in the selected area (Here, sleep irregularity)
4) Set your goal for the next 1 month!

You can have one goal active at a time.

Currently, you can improve sleep duration, irregularity, snoring, deep sleep and snoozing.


Goals are free to use – but let’s be honest to ourselves. Motivation to change your habits is much higher if there is something tangible at stake. Let’s say a few dollars.

You can bet a small wager or a bigger wager. In the US, a small wager is around $2, big wager around $4. When you select the wager and confirm the goal, you will see the exact price and then you can confirm or decline the payment.

  • $ = free
  • $ = about $2
  • $$ = about $4
How does it work?
  • Reach your goal within 30 days -> you get your wager back.
  • Not at your goal after 30 days? You’ve lost the wager. We will use the money for further development of Sleep as Android and for research of the SleepCloud data.

The wager works as a subscription with a 7-day trial. In the first 7 days, you can give up the goal for free. If you decide to give up later than that, you’ve lost the bet.

The subscription is not renewing. You pay once and only once. We cancel the subscription automatically after you reach/lose the goal.

Technical notes: The subscription is for 3 months. This might look confusing. We could set the subscription for 1 month or for 3 months, but if we set it for 1 month, we couldn’t cancel and refund it before the period runs out. This would mean that even if you succeeded in your goal, we would have no option to return you your bet. That’s why we went  with the 3 month subscription.

50 thoughts on “Goals – improve your sleep!

  1. Отличная идея! А можно сделать отслеживание нескольких целей одновременно? Great idea! Can you make multi-goals tracking?

    1. This is planned, but currently not a high priority. We still need to add some other parameters to single goal tracking such as fall asleep hour, wake up hour etc.

    1. If you select either $ or $$ you will give money to the developers. But if you manage to reach the goal, they will refund the money.

    2. Application charges you 2$ or 4$ when you set the goal. If you reach your goal, this money paid back. But if you could not reach your goal, this money will be a donation to app development company.

      This is one time fee.

  2. I just want to mention that the German translation is really crappy and not worth an app with so many downloads. Sorry for my honesty.

  3. Can you explain this feature more, please? Like. why did it recommend the sleep amount it did? What are the dollar symbols ($) for? They don’t change anything when you adjust them. Very confusing. please help. <3 the app

    1. I’m with you. Even detailed here it does not explain much those points, goes more for the motivation reward wager thing. Please.. Maybe try explaining a little more those points?

      1. I hope tha tthe wager is explained sufficiently. Regarding the starting numbers of the goal, the default is always 10% and the only thing that varies (that is set by us) is the direction of the change.

  4. Great idea! I’ve had your app for about 4 years I think, and you guys are always coming up with awesome innovative features !

    1. Just go to left menu > Goals, tap on the plus button, then select Snooze in the dropdown and use the left and right arrow to set up a goal.

      You need to have at least some data about your snoozing in the past month.

    1. Hello, many thanks for your ideas — could you please add these to urbandroid.uservoice.com? We are thinking about multiple goals feature in the future

  5. There is a sticker-type overlay widget over the final, green words, that state what the green line is. I don’t know what that line is, because I can not read the words under the little mountain peak goal percentage sticker.

  6. Firstly, wanted to say thank you for your app! I’ve been using it for years till the beta version and it’s pleasure to look how this project evolves over the years.
    I have a question regarding the new feature: why the hell it tries to charge me for 3 months? We betting for a month not for a 3 of them.

  7. Ok so…why has this automatically appeared on my phone. This app. What is this? I never downloaded this. Absolutely ridiculous. Dont impose this on my own mobile. Who do you think you are. Delete this app from my phone immediately who do you think you are you pay some money to become automatically part of a software update and think you are all that i hope you flop.

    1. Hello, there is no way we could install any app on your phone. We are not part of any software update for no phone. If you do not like the app, you have all right to uninstall it.

  8. So you want me to pay you for my sleep disorders and call it motivation? Sounds a pretty apauling money grabbing business tactic if you ask me. If your app is going in this direction then it might be time to find a new sleep app.

    1. Hi Dan, you can use the Goals feature entirely for free – but for a lot of people betting money is a sure way to motivate them. Please note that we only take the money if you miss the goal, not when you reach it.
      I understand that if you have some sleep disorder, it is not just a question of motivation, so betting money may not be appropriate. As I said, you can still use the Goals feature without any bet.
      Do you feel there would be some better motivation for you that we could add next to the money bet?

  9. This is amazing, you guys do a great job. This is a great app, it has real impact in my life.
    Thank you for this feature, my sleep disorders needed it, though I agree betting is not the best way to motivate ourselves (check out Faboulous Me, they d a great job on this).
    I love that you guys are always improving the app and developing new stuff, thank you.

    1. Thanks Belen – installed Fabulous and looks very good. I’ll discuss this with the rest of the team to see if we can engage the motivation territory from another perspective…

  10. Long time user and have purchased the app as well as its add-ons. Fuck you for this money grab. It would have been plausible as a feature if there were a choice of charities to donate to. I’m changing my Android store review to one star.

    1. Hello James, we are not enforcing this on anyone. You can use the Goals feature for free. We as developers also need some income to make a living. Regarding charities, for example I work partly for the Urbandroid Team and partly for a local charity. Also the Goals money goes to sleep research – we are cooperating with three universities on the sleep research.
      Let’s just save the quick online judgment…

  11. I understand the “incentive” for things like napping or getting more sleep but how would one control deep sleep or snoring to read goals?

  12. understand the “incentive” for things like napping or getting more sleep but how would one control deep sleep or snoring to reach goals?

    1. We don’t really have much content for that in the app, but reading up on those would tell you that for example abstaining from coffee and alcohol might help in maximising both of those parameters. Sport comes to mind. Etc.

  13. This random goal add-on appeared without me asking for it and without any notification or message telling me what it was. It just clutters the screen. How do I delete it?

  14. I got so excited when i saw this option, but sadly it doesn’t have the goal i want to accomplish, which is regulating my sleep. I have had depression for 3 years before i got properly treated, and it made me sleep regardless of my ideal schedules – and now it’s been like hell trying to get back to my normal routine. Nowadays i usually go to sleep around 2 am and wake up aroud noon, but i miss waking up at 5 am and going to sleep 10pm. It’s been so hard, trying to make my body understand its time to sleep and regulate the process properly… :/ i look forward to seeing this goal among the others, and hopefully help not only me but others with the same problem.
    I’ve been using this app for about four years now, and yet i still have some sleeping issues to solve, it has been of great help. Thank you very much! 🙂

    1. Hi Barbara — thank you for the comment. We wanted to do this initially when releasing the Goals feature for the first but the fall asleep/wake up hour was a little different from the other and we wanted to release it as soon as possible.
      However we plan to extend goals with exactly what you request…

      1. Hi Jiri, thanks for replying me 🙂 That’s awesome to hear! Just made my day! I will wait for those features gladly 🙂
        Now if i can ask something, would it be set for a proper ammount of time to change everyday, like going to sleep 15 minutes earlier or something like that? I mean, the hardest part of this for me it’s been the regulation itself, and making sure i wont fall back to the wrong timings 🙁

  15. Thanks for this option and for your patience with the angry comments. As is sometimes said in West Texas, they would probably complain even if you offered to hang them with a new rope.

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