Goals – improve your sleep!

Actively improve your sleep parameters with Sleep as Android!

What are Goals?

Goals is a tool to motivate you to change your sleep habits for the better.

How does it work?

Set up a goal in Menu > Goal. Tapping on the plus button will get you to the Goal setup screen.

1) Select area in which you’d like to improve over the next 1 month
2) Choose your motivation. You can try the goal for free, or you can bet a few bucks on yourself!
3) Your current standing in the selected area (Here, sleep irregularity)
4) Set your goal for the next 1 month!

You can have one goal active at a time.

Currently, you can improve sleep duration, irregularity, snoring, deep sleep and snoozing.


Goals are free to use – but let’s be honest to ourselves. Motivation to change your habits is much higher if there is something tangible at stake. Let’s say a few dollars.

You can bet a small wager or a bigger wager. In the US, a small wager is around $2, big wager around $4. When you select the wager and confirm the goal, you will see the exact price and then you can confirm or decline the payment.

  • $ = free
  • $ = about $2
  • $$ = about $4
How does it work?
  • Reach your goal within 30 days -> you get your wager back.
  • Not at your goal after 30 days? You’ve lost the wager. We will use the money for further development of Sleep as Android and for research of the SleepCloud data.

The wager works as a subscription with a 7-day trial. In the first 7 days, you can give up the goal for free. If you decide to give up later than that, you’ve lost the bet.

The subscription is not renewing. You pay once and only once. We cancel the subscription automatically after you reach/lose the goal.

Technical notes: The subscription is for 3 months. This might look confusing. We could set the subscription for 1 month or for 3 months, but if we set it for 1 month, we couldn’t cancel and refund it before the period runs out. This would mean that even if you succeeded in your goal, we would have no option to return you your bet. That’s why we went  with the 3 month subscription.

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