Heart Rate Variability tracking with Sleep As Android

Working hard? Sporting actively? Being dragged into destructive habits? Not getting enough rest? Get a new level of insight into your bodily processes and the quality of your sleep. We proudly announce a new feature in Sleep as Android, monitoring heart rate variability via a wide range of wearable devices. Read on to learn more. What […]

Full-blown sleep tracking with new Polar devices.

Sleep as Android now fully integrates with the new fitness-tracking devices from Polar – H10, OH1 and Sense. In addition to heart rate measurement, the app uses the integrated accelerometer to monitor sleep phases and trigger smart alarms. The Polar devices present an affordable, comfortable, and easy-to-use alternative to sleep-tracking with a traditional smartwatch. Read […]

Did COVID-19 pandemic improve our sleep?

Millions infected, people locked at home, media full of catastrophic news, economic crisis coming… We found out that our sleep habits did actually improve during the pandemic, read on to see how. Remember how it all began? We started hearing strange news about a new disease in the media. There were reports from remote countries […]

How does Sleep as Android compare to the Sleep lab

We have measured how accurate Sleep as Android is when compared to a clinical sleep lab. And the results look very good! Smart wake up’s chance to not ring in PSG-measured N3 deep sleep is 96%. We are 2.5 times more accurate in spotting the REM phase than blind chance. We can detect 30% of […]

Sleep As Android is All Ears

Have you enjoyed snoring detection in Sleep as Android? Did it work well for you, or did it make lots of mistakes? In any case, we are proud to announce a new, redesigned, improved version of this feature, and you should give it a try. More sounds are recognized    Talk Actually, we added talk […]

On Social Jetlag

We need regular sleep Numerous studies have shown the importance of regular sleep. Not only we need sufficient quantity of sleep, we should also go to bed at and wake up at a regular hour. Various metabolic processes in our body follow cyclic daily patterns (circadian rhythm), and sleep has its own place in it. […]

Want to stop snoring? Have a beer!

Naturally, the headline is wrong … for the most part. You can easily google countless studies showing that alcohol before sleep worsens your snoring. And they are right … for the most part. We have verified the relationship between alcohol and snoring on the live data collected from our users (where did we get the […]