Sleep Phaser – a different kind of sleep tracker

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Sleep Phaser.

A smart bedside lamp that tracks your sleep phases.

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Urbandroid Team introduces a different kind of sleep tracking device. With bedroom-friendly design and uniquely used infrared contactless sensor, sleep tracking can finally get invisible.

The story behind Sleep Phaser

We knew that for the best future compatibility with Sleep as Android, we have to develop our own device. Yes, Sleep as Android offers a lot of integrations with third-party hardware, but at any moment those integrations can break for reasons out of our control. Sleep tracking has slowly gone from being a geek thing to being used by regular people that need it to just work – and who don’t want another weird looking computer in their bedroom. We knew that we had to design it in a way that would be both easy to use and a tight fit in the bedroom. That’s why we chose to merge the sleep tracking sensor into the body of a bedside lamp. The sensor will be neatly hidden in the form that is useful even when not monitoring your sleep. And why the name? Because guess who won the Urbandroid war between Star Trek and Star Wars fans 🙂

Aren’t there enough sleep tracking devices on the market?

Sleep tracking devices are all the hype lately. It seems that everyone and their aunt has a new piece of hardware coming up to engage in checking your zzz’s. Previously unknown companies are emerging with products like Hello Sense and then vanishing into darkness, while corporations like Resmed or Nokia produce bulky and expensive boxes to be put in your bedroom. There is a lot left to be desired about today’s sleep tracking devices. Current sleep tracking devices are single-purpose things that you either still need to put in your bed (Bluetooth-connected motion sensors or bed straps), or that are pretty large (buying a whole mattress might seem like overkill for some), not quite beautiful, and of course, they’re really pricey. With Sleep Phaser, we tiptoe around all of these troubles. Sleep Phaser is an elegant bedside lamp that doubles as a sleep tracking device. Sleep Phaser goes out of your way.

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  1. Hi Sleep Phaser team,

    I’m reaching out from the Wearable Technology Show. We’re doing a Sleep Pavilion this year sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation, and I’m really interested in reaching out to Sleep tech companies. Came across you guys on IndieGoGo and thought would get in touch to learn a bit more about you.

    Is there an email address I can contact you on?

    All the best,

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