Smart watch and Wearable

Sleep as Android currently integrates Pebble, Android Wear and Samsung Galaxy Gear devices and most of the BT Smart Heart rate monitors such as e.g. Polar H7.

Download addons

  • Pebble (1 & 2, all variants)
  • Android Wear will install automatically on your watch
  • Microsoft Band (1,2)
  • Samsung Gear 1, Gear S: install “Sleep As Android – Gear Companion” from Gear Store
  • Samsung Gear S2, S3 (not Fit): install “Sleep As Android – Native Gear Companion” from the Gear store

Sleep as Android also works on wearable Android smartphones such as iMacwear M7 out of the box.


General information

IMPORTANT: Smartwatch tracking needs to be enabled in Settings > Wearables > Sleep tracking (Use wearables)

The smart watch integration features:

    • Basic functions:
      • Vibe-alarm on watch – vibrating won’t wake your partner. Works even when the smartwatch loses connection to the phone.
      • Sleep tracking using the watch’s accelerometer – better data, more comfort than having the phone in bed
      • CAPTCHA – in case your phone is few meters from your bed, than all CAPTCHAs guarantee getting your laterally out of bed
      • Pause/snooze/dismiss control on your watch
      • Next alarm time right on the watch
    • Advanced functions:
      • Heart rate tracking for automatic awake and REM detection (only supported devices with HR sensor)
      • Smart wake up works as good as with phone only
      • Lucid dreaming vibes on watch
      • Anti-snoring (uses phone’s mic but vibrates on your wrist when you snore)
      • Lullaby volume down (fade out any of Your music or provided lullabies)

CAUTION: We recommend to still sleep track with airplane mode on, but Bluetooth needs to be enabled in order to make the connection between your watch and the app working. The recommended way is to switch on the airplane mode (which disables Bluetooth) and then switch Bluetooth back on

Supported devices

IMPORTANT: Your device is not in the list? We have an API to allow 3rd parties to integrate their device, please see our Wearable integration API.

Device Supported Battery use

(per night)

Pebble (all variants)  YES  <<10%
4-5 days without charging with sleep tracking each night
You need to install the Sleep as Android app from the Pebble App Store onto Your Pebble.

Best battery life among smart watches

Known issue:
after some time watch accelerometer may return zero values which leads to a flat graph, this has been approved to get resolved by resetting the watch.

For firmware version 2.9.1 and lower, please download the app here.
Pebble 2 (all variants) inv_ic_action_love  YES awaiting feedback You need to install the Sleep as Android app from the Pebble App Store onto Your Pebble.

Best battery life among smart watches
 Sony SW3 (SWR50)   YES   ~15% 182 events sensor batch queue which allows very low battery consumption (although default sensor frequency is higher than on Gear Live for example)Many thanks to Sony Mobile for their great help to overcome the sensor batching which got battery consumption from ~70% to ~15% per night. What is sensor batching?

Known issue: Sometimes gets into a broken state and starts using up to 100% battery. Reboot watch to resolve the issue.

Known issue: Sometimes the Wear app doesn’t install the app on your watch automatically. Sleep as Android then stays stuck on “Waiting for connectivity” and never connects. To resolve, go to Android Wear app > Settings > Your watch > Resync apps.

Samsung Gear Live inv_ic_action_love  YES  ~15% 150 events sensor batch queue which allows very low battery consumption What is sensor batching?

Support heart rate monitoring!

There are issues with refurbished Gear Live devices with a dev version of the OS which do not connect to with Sleep as Android. Re-flashing of the firmware as described below should resolve the issue:

 LG G Watch  YES  ~20% Should be working well even the watch reports a batch size of size zero even sensor batching is supported in fact. What is sensor batching?
 LG G Watch R inv_ic_action_love  YES  ~15% Biggest sensor batch queue so far 10000 events. (What is sensor batching?) May allow us to do some further optimizations in the future..Support heart rate monitoring! 
 LG G Watch Urbane inv_ic_action_love  YES  ~15% Sensor batch queue 10000 events.
LG G Watch Sport YES ~20%
 Moto 360 inv_ic_action_love   YES (but higher battery use)  ~40% CAUTION: Does not support sensor batching and features an 2010 CPU with high battery consumption (What is sensor batching?)
RECOMMENDATION: Use theater mode to lower battery consumption!
EDIT2: Seems to get to reasonable battery consumption per night around 40% after the firmware update and fix for the sensor issue below. Still we get reports that on unknown occasions battery can peak at 70-80% for some days. Usually a reboot fixes this issue.EDIT: After the firmware update moto360 stops the accelerometer each few minutes, we have a workaround for this issue.
 Moto 360 V2 inv_ic_action_love   YES (but higher battery use)  ~15-40% Waiting on reports to see whether it supports sensor batching (What is sensor batching?), but the assumption is it does not because reported battery consumption is high.
 ZenWatchinv_ic_action_love  YES (but higher battery use)   ~40%  CAUTION: Does not support sensor batching (What is sensor batching?)
RECOMMENDATION: Use theater mode to lower battery consumption!
 ZenWatch 2  YES   6%, but ~50% on Android M Has sensor batching! Very good battery consumption reported, although no yet clear why it is so much better than other Wear devices.
Unfortunately Android M update for the watch broke sensor batching (What is sensor batching?).
Galaxy Gear 1
Galaxy Gear 2
Galaxy Gear 2 Neo
Galaxy Gear S
 YES (but high battery use)  ~60% (on Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo) CAUTION: The accelerometer sensor only works with screen on with Gear 1 and 2, this together with no sensor batching support causes high battery consumption. Gear S allows to track with screen off but we don’t have realiable battery consumption results yet.In order to make it running, You need to download the latest Gear add-on from the Samsung Galaxy AppStore or the Gear manager on some devices. The exact name of the add-on is “Sleep As Android – Gear Add-On”. Some users reported that they couldn’t find it and they needed to narrow their search to “Health & Fitness”. Apps for Gear watches may only be distributed through the Galaxy Apps Store.

Special note for Gear 1 users: Your device must be running Tizen OS.

Galaxy Gear S2
Galaxy Gear S3
YES please report  You need to install an addon on your phone, and “Sleep As Android – Native Gear Companion” on the watch from the Gear store.
Garmin CONNECT IQ devices  inv_ic_action_love YES – currently in BETA ~10-15%   Garmin integration is currently in BETA test, join the BETA here and let us know, please.
Microsoft Band (1 and 2) YES  ~60% You need to download an addon for this to work.

Made by David Beneda, big thanks!

iMacwear M7 (wearable Android smartphone) YES same as on a full-scale smartphone Sleep works on these kinds of devices out of the box, the same as on a full scale Android smartphone.
Huawei Watchinv_ic_action_love YES ~20% (untested) Sensor batch queue 150 events (What is sensor batching?)

Known issue: Heart rate sensor probably has wrong implementation in the Huawei watch API, so it fails to send data several times throughout the night.

Fossil Q Founder YES  untested Sleep tracking consumes a lot of battery. To prevent that, do sleep tracking in theater mode.
Polar H7inv_ic_action_love YES Only HR measurement
MioLinkinv_ic_action_love YES Only HR measurement

Unsupported devices

Device Supported Battery use

(per night)

 Sony SW2  NO  over 10% per hour of tracking We tried to integrate with Sony SW2, but due to the architecture of the system sleep tracking was consuming over 10% of battery per hour which makes SW2 not suitable for sleep tracking.
 Sony SWR10  NO  Unsuitable for sleep tracking – no realtime access to accelerometric data.
Sony SWR30 NO No way to integrate. We have consulted it with Sony guys and concluded that the band’s battery wouldn’t last the night of sleep tracking.
 Jawbone UP  NO    No support for 3rd party integration
 Fitbit  NO    No support for 3rd party integration
 Xiaomi Mi Band, Mi band 1S  NO    No public API. We are trying to reverse engineer it, so hopefully it will work eventually.
Misfit  NO  Unsuitable for sleep tracking – no realtime access to accelerometric data
Garmin non-Connect IQ devices  NO Garmin only has API for a few of their devices
 Polar smartwatches  NO    Polar does not give out realtime accelerometric data through their API (AccessLink) 
 Asus VivoWatch  NO    No support for 3rd party integration
 Alcatel One Touch Smartwatch  NO    No support for 3rd party integration
 Basis devices  NO    No support for 3rd party integration
Samsung Gear Fit NO Samsung dropped the SDK and this device-line is basically obsolete now. That’s why we won’t have Gear Fit support.
Samsung Gear Fit 2 NOT YET We have to be a Samsung partner to support Gear Fit 2. We are currently negotiating this with Samsung.
 Beurer devices NO    No support for 3rd party integration
 Wahoo Tickr X NO Turns off when it senses low activity
Under Armour devices NO No realtime access to accelerometric data
Vector watches NO No access to raw accelerometric data

Heart rate monitoring

Apart from some Wear devices Sleep as Android supports gathering of heart rate data from Bluetooth Smart device such as e.g. the Polar H7. This feature needs to be enabled in Settings > Smartwatch. If HR data arrive you should see a inv_ic_action_love in bottom right on the Sleep tracking screen.

Your aggregated HR levels are available in the Sleep graph detail, they are used to better identify REM and Awake phases, see Awake detection for more details.

More on heart rate detection


899 thoughts on “Smart watch and Wearable

      1. Mio Support (Mio Customer Support)
        Sep 10, 4:58 PM


        Our devices are designed to be open and allow anyone interested in building an application that will encourage people to exercise and also increases their awareness of living a healthy lifestyle.

        If you want to utilize HR data from Mio devices, then you only need the information for how to handle a Bluetooth LE HR data stream.

        More detail on communicate with Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy devices using the Core Bluetooth framework on iOS can be found here:

        For Android you need to look into both the Android SDK and the phone manufacturer for details.

        Bluetooth Developer Portal:
        Bluetooth HR Profile Overview:
        Bluetooth HR Profile Detailed Specification:

        If, however, you want to utilize other data from our device such as the steps, speed, pace and distance data, then you will need to work with our device SDK and we have not release it to the public and currently have no date as to when it will be available.

        1. I have a note 5 and gear s2. I can use your test version to test wearable and shake both my phone and watch, but still no activity recorded. Going on 3 months with flat red lines. I’ve Uninstaller and reinstalled the proper software, so I should be up to date….

          1. I am having the same issue, except I have a Galaxy Alpha. I’ve tried everything. It stop recording when the S2 goes in dim made. And no matter what I do, the HR doesnt work consistently. Now it won’t let me uninstall the beta and go back to using my phone…. at least that worked.

          2. Hello Kerry, please make sure you use our Gear Companion Native app. As Samsung silently introduced the doze mode they broke our original app and we had to redesign it from scratch. Not using a smart watch for sleep tracking is easy, just disable settings-wearables-use werables for sleep tracking..

          3. Hello, Mi Band is a really bad closed platform. The only aim of Xiaomi and theereason why the device is so cheap is that they want the data and the community for themselves only.
            They do whatever they can to avoid any 3rd party integration – which would be great for the users.

            Not only every reverse engineered knowledge is useless after each firmware update (because they change bluetooth commands entirely), in the latest firmware they even introduced encryption which makes only the official Mi Fit app able to talk to the Mi Band.
            We have tried hard to make this possible but due to the recent development I don’t want to spend any additional time on this. We are still negotiating with Zdenek Horak’s Mi Band tools if they can provide support for Sleep as Android’s sleep tracking but due to the recent changes I’m unsure he will still have the enthusiasm to invest into this any longer.

            Sorry about that, but it is time to look for another more open fitness tracker.

        2. I love how they start with claims of being open, and then finish with: “If, however, you want to utilize other data from our device such as the steps, speed, pace and distance data, then you will need to work with our device SDK and we have not release it to the public and currently have no date as to when it will be available.”

          In other words: “if you want most of the useful data the device is collecting, you have too use our tools, and we’re not sharing our tools, so piss off.”

          Thanks for sharing this. This kind of response from a company makes it easier for me to rule out their products and purchase something else.

        3. Can you please confirm if this supports mio fuse? Is it tested? It says Mio fuse does have an public API for HR data. Can you confirm if the HR data has been successfully collected by the app? I need to know before buying the mio fuse.

      1. Hi, the Withings API will give us only data already uploaded to the cloud. This means that we couldn’t do smart wake up, which defeats one of the main purposes of our app. You can get data from Withings devices to Sleep as Android via Google Fit and some third party pipelines (e.g. fitnesssyncer)

    1. Hello
      I really like your app but my samsung gear fit2 is not supported by your app. I couldn’t set alarm and smart wake up in my gear fit2. Please, give us a update which support samsung gear fit2. I am checking daily if my gear fit2 is working with your app. I am ready to pay for your app if it is compatible with my gear fit2. Thanks

      1. Hi Vignesh, you can read in the table above that Gear Fit 2 support needs a blessing from Samsung, which we didn’t receive, so probably there is no chance for the integration. Sorry about this. Samsung just chose a few partner developers for Gear Fit 2.

          1. I would love to know which model of fitbit you’re using, I’d like to purchase one of these devices myself and have just been introduced to sleep as android.


          2. Please explain more detailed on how a fitbit interacts with sleep android since u have on and u say it works. Also please specify exactly what model and version of fitbit and which fitbit device are u using?

  1. I’d like to know about support for two devices I own:
    – Scosche Rhythm+ (optical HR over Bluetooth or ANT+)
    – Garmin Vivoactive (smart watch with activity monitoring; has api using ConnectIQ)

    Mostly I’m interested to learn if Sleep as Android has ways/plans to support the Vivoactive. This watch has rudimentary sleep monitoring build in, a simple alarm function (vibrate), can communicate with a phone over Bluetooth and run apps on the watch.


    1. Unfortunately Garmin ConnectIQ API does not provide access to accelerometric data that we need to use for sleep tracking.
      For Scosche, I couldn’t find an API. Do you know whether they have it and where?

      1. There wouldn’t be a Scosche specific API. It transmits over ANT+ as do countless other heartrate monitors. I don’t think that there’s a native Android API for ANT+, however the ANT consortium distribute the ANT Radio Service via the Play Store, which installs on all phones that have ANT+ radios (Galaxy S6 and Sony Z3 do, older versions as well probably). Sports tracking apps that record from HRMs read through the ANT radio service. It’d be nice to have, as I have a drawer full of various ANT+ HRMs already to try this out. Most dedicated sports cycle computers and running watches are ANT+ only, with BTLE being quite new. It’s more popular with those that just use their phone instead of a dedicated sports head units. ANT has been around a *long* time, well over a decade or more.

          1. Hi, any progress in ANT+ integration?
            i have scosche rhythm+ – it is pure HR data via ANT+ or BLE, while ANT does _not_ demand the activation of Bluetooth. On my s7 each app supporting ant+ has access to this HR sensor. To activate Bluetooth during the night is not so healthy, neither for me nor my phone battery.

          2. Hello, not at this time. Please note that BLE is very low energy so while not being comparable with ANT+ (which is extremely low energy) it is still sufficient since you are charging your phone daily or almost daily anyway…

    1. Normally HR monitoring should work on moto360. But as they used old battery hungry hardware they did many optimizations to the system to keep the battery at least for a whole day. This is the reason why moto360 behaves very differently from other watches. We have reports that guys just get ~3 HR values per night. We cannot try to workaround this unless having a moto360 physically available to test the issue.Definitely something on our TODO list, let see when we can borrow a moto360..

    2. I did not include HR support for moto360 as we did not yet get a positive feedback on this feature from anyone with moto360. But in theory we do register a listener on the HR sensor, it just seems there is some optimization and the HR information does not arrive frequently enough. To find out why we would need to test on a physical device. Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated. Ideally please contact me on

  2. Hi

    I just bought a mi band and was disappointed to realise that you don’t support it. Anything in the works? What are our chances of you making contact with them to make it happen?

    1. We spend maybe a week trying to implement support for the mi band, but Xiaomi obviously does not want 3rd parties to integrate with their device, they want to keep the data. If somebody reverse-engeneers their BT protocol they change it. So I believe this effort does not make sense now and we wait for a budget smart band with an open API..

      1. Have you looked into using the “Tools & Mi Band” app? They allow users to customize the alerts on the Mi Band, so it seems like you could somehow integrate with their app to make it work.

        1. Hi Cynthia, yes, we are in contact with the developer, we are both from Czech Republic by chance, but the communication protocol between phone and miband has to be reverse engineered, and currently it is not fully cracked and also subject to frequent changes….

    1. Xiaomi does not want 3 rd parties to if they don’t open up their API we won’t be integrating mi band even when it has a HR sensor..

    1. I would go with Pebble classic. On sale it may get even to $80 and the battery lasts for 5 days without charging even tracking every night. Wear devices last for 1 day and Gear devices just for the tracking.

    1. Big sorry, but unless Samsung updates the firmware (not likely) we won’t be able to do anything about battery consumption on Gear 1. The main problem is the system does not allow 3rd parties to gather sensoric data and keep screen off at the same time. This is restricted for the build in apps only..

    2. I do not understand!!! I have a new Gear S2 & your application appears to be working. Also it would seem to me that most people would be charging their phones, while they are sleeping. Does your application eat power when not activley monitering?

        1. Hi, that may be possible, but it defeats the basic purpose of using Sleep as Android. You can synchronize data from the Fitbit app to Sleep as Android using a sync service like Google Fit or FitnessSyncer (I’m not sure what Fitbit app does support).

    1. This seems feasible. I’m not sure about resources, we may look into this although we would prefer to integrate with a band with a smaller price tag. Ideally we would need to find a partner for this. We already have an API so any 3rd party can implement support for MS smart band..

        1. Hello, we have contacted Razer to get our hands on a Nabu, but haven’t received any response yet. We wish to support Nabu, but we also have to prioritize as there are too many devices out there. That’s the reason why we’ve published our API. For example a Microsoft Band addon comes from one of our users.

          1. I have a spare Nabu X somewhere that I’m not planning on using. Would the Urbandroid team be interested in receiving a donated band to develop device support?

          2. Hi Nathan, absolutely!
            I don’t know if we could reciprocate, but we’ll pay the postage and put you in release notes!
            Also if you don’t have a licence for Sleep, consider it yours — please let me know at

            Many many thanks!

  3. Hi, when can we expect support for new line of smartwatches that were just announced Moto 2, Huawei, Gear 2? I am planning on getting the Huawei watch but I just want to make sure it will be fully supported, tracking and hr-monitoring. Thanks!

  4. Hey,

    I have LG G Watch R, latest beta version of SaA, use experimental ON, use smartwatch ON, use heartratemonitoring ON and still I can’t get heartrate monitoring working!
    What I have done wrong or do I miss something?

    1. Hi, after a quick survey of the Garmin developer portal, I could not see any API they would provide for 3rd party apps integration. I’m not sure though, could you check whether they offer such API?

  5. I just bought a Polar H7 and have paired it through the phones BT. I have the latest release of the application and have it on a Pebble watch. I can see my hart rate off other apps but not on this one. It has showed up once maybe twice after opening it 20 or so times trying to get it to connect. I have rebooted the phone and everything including turning BT on and off. What else can I try in order to get it to work? I really want to be able to use it for sleep tracking. I have the full version of the app which I purchased.

    1. Hello Magnus, not at this time, it would need to be integrated separately. I couldn’t find any information about the type of data it is sending to the phone. Do you have any link to some developers’ resources for this tracker?

        1. Sorry but it won’t work, according to my information this device is obsolete and there isn’t a straight forward way to integrate it with 3rd party apps..I would suggest to by a Pebble classic instead, it lasts for 5 days without charging has much more features and now is on sale for $70..

    1. In fact we are integrated, correct me if I’m wrong but Basis Peak sends data to Google Fit as well as Sleep as Android so we can view your data and make advantage of them. But if you mean to connect directly with the device I don’t think they have the require 3rd party APIs..

  6. Hello!
    And old time user here and tired of leaving the smartphone under the pillow. Also, sleeping in a memory foam mattress doesn’t give accurate measurements. So I’m planning to get the new Sony SmartBand 2 with HRM.

    But I need to confirm if it will be supported.

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Can you change the yellow? Colour in the second column of your matrix please eg the yes against Pebble? I am red green colour blind as are some ten percent of males and cannot read the other columns that use this colour.

  8. Is it possible to store all sleep data on the watch and then sync asynchronously? Wouldn’t this save a tremendous amount of batteries. I would like an option to do this as well as always be connected… Then you could put Wear devices in airplane mode and track.

    1. That would not save too much battery on the watch, as this sends data in batches up to 2 minutes distant. So in fact there is some 200 messages through out the night over BT, so the battery consumption would not be that different and this architecture allows as to 1. make all the sleep tracking algorithms on the phone (otherwise we would need to port them to all our watch platforms) 2. do real time analysis like Lucid dreaming, lullaby volume off and of course smart wale up..

      1. Definitely has the #watch tag . Here is the Graph… It appears to have more deep sleep cycles than I normally see. Perhaps I need to decrease the sensitivity for this watch (I thought that I knew where this option was but as of typing this I can’t find it)? I also could have been restless to find out about how the battery was doing so I didn’t sleep very soundly. Nevertheless, I felt well rested this morning with the smart wake up feature.

        1. Hi, you need to enable installing from uknown sources in Android settings. I have it in Settings > Security > Unknown sources. Also please redownload the beta apk, it might have been corrupted when downloading.

          1. Hi,

            I was recently given the Gear S2 as a gift (last night). Previously, I was using Fitbit Charge HR and it has a great automatic sleep tracker.

            Anyway, I was a bit disappointed that the Gear S2 does not have this feature, but, was excited when I found out that Sleep As Android can add this.

            However, when I downloaded the APK and widget files you provided, I could not install them. I already allowed unknown sources in settings, but, it seems like the Gear App is still blocking the installation. I would really love to try it though.

            Any ideas how I can install it on my Note 5?

            Best regards.

    1. Hi Rod, we have recently been busy integrating other services such as SHealth, Google Fit, Google Calendar, Tasker etc. Wearables list is constantly growing at its pace, but unfortunately many wearables our users ask for are simply unintegrable for the lack of a sufficient API on their part. Do you have a request for a specific device?

    1. We had this released in galaxy store but users reported up to 80% battery consumption and Samsung wanted to us tu pull S2 support. At the moment we don’t know whether there is a potential to implement a more battery friendly sleep tracking on this device. Unfortunately S2 does not support sensor batching with allows us to run sleep tracking with normal daily battery consumption on Android Wear so 8 hours of tracking consumes some 15% of battery

      1. Can you please point to a downloadable gear s2 addon so I can try it for myself and see if it consumes that much battery. I understand why Samsung wanted to pull it from the store but as an individual user I find the gear s2 a bit lame with no inbuilt sleep tracking among other issues. I would like to use your addon to see if it works and I hope I can do that without Samsung stopping me!

  9. Hi, I couldn’t find the companion app for Gear S2. I have installed the app in my Android phone, but I am unable to find it in the Gear Apps. I have searched the Gear Apps – for Sleep as Android, Sleep, Android and in Health and Fitness.

    1. Unfortunately Samsung asked as to pull S2 support due to high battery commotion which seemed around 80% per night of tracking. We are working with them to see whether there is something which would allow us tu run this with lower consumption.

  10. Does the app require Ant+ to work with Moto 360 v1? I froze Ant+ with Titanium as I didn’t think I used it. Now, my watch dies overnight, which didn’t happen previously while tracking.

    Also, how can I join the beta testing team to gain access to latest betas, please?

  11. My Zenwatch 2 consumption from Sleep as Android has stayed at a consistent battery drain of ~5% per 6-8 hours of sleep at night. I have noticed the only excessive dream that I ever encounter is more due to variance in the idling capacity of the zenwatch 2 but this is unrelated to SOA tracking and could happen during the day. You should update your device information table with this information.

    1. This is really great I have other reports which show incredible battery consumption on Zen watch 2. I’m just wondering what is the cause. Sensor batching for sure, but other devices do around 15% with sensor batching over the typical sleep span..

      1. How much would you expect the distance between the watch and the phone to impact battery use? I’ve got a zenwatch 2, and even with wifi off and theater mode on I drain more like 30% in 7 hours. I sleep like 20-30 feet from where I charge my phone, do you think that could be what’s doing it?

        1. Hi Joby, I don’t think the distance will have any impact. Actually 30% is quite good among all smartwatches, but pretty bad or zenwatch 2 as we have reports that usually it drains about 6% per night. Would you be willing to do a reboot of the watch, check and then perhaps a factory reset and have only Sleep as Android running on the watch and see if it changes anything?

  12. Working grate on the zenwatch 2 just wish it auto integrated into Google fit and had auto detect when your fall asleep so I don’t have to turn it on every time also I need to be able to see when battery the watch is at and be able to suspend the. App if its under 5. Thank you for a awsome app

    1. We support all Pebble devices, except Pebble Time Round which has some of the laying broken but is usable. We will release an update for Pebble Time Round soon, or I can send you the package already if you write on my contact email..

  13. My anti snoring action is the sound of a loud equable breathing.
    Can such a sound be integrated in addition to the 3x tongue click sound ?
    Can my own soundfile be used?

    1. Hello Jorge, unfortunately Gear S2 has quite some issues with battery when tracking sleep, so Samsung asked us to remove our app from the Galaxy store. At the moment battery consumption is at 80%. We are working with Samsung to resolve this if possible..

        1. It’s in the store for a long time now, unfortunately only for Samsung phones. Samsung is currently reviewing our update that will make it work on all phone brands.

  14. Hi
    Is there any plan to support Garmin Fenix 3 its grate watch with very good battery life and through its ANT+ it can connect to Garmin HRM Run or others for heart rate, I dont know if it reports back to phone in realtime for your app to monitor movements and heart beatings but I think through its Connect IQ platform it would be possible to develope and install an app on watch to extract these data.
    Would you please look into it?
    We garmin users would realy appreciate it.
    By the way Connect IQ apps are working on Vivoactive, Fenix 3, Forerunner 920XT,EPIX and D2 Bravo

    1. Hi, thank you for letting us know — for a long time, it wasn’t possible to do it since they didn’t give out accelerometric values from their API. This has changed recently, so it is open to create. We’ll check it out…

          1. Hey! First of all: thanks for your great app. Helped me get some solid sleep so far! I’d like to ask for an update on the Vivosmart HR – any news there? Would love to use my Band with your app.

            Thanks again and have a great weekend soon!


          2. Hi tris0x! Unfortunately Vivosmart won’t be available, since Garmin doesn’t provide a public sensor API for this particular model :/

  15. I am wondering if this works with the new Samsung Gear S2 that came out recently I am not having luck trying to figure out how this app works, because it seems like it should and its great but I really would like to find out how this works with my watch.

    1. Unfortunately Gear S2 has quite some issues with battery when tracking sleep, so Samsung asked us to remove our app from the Galaxy store. At the moment battery consumption is at 80%. We are working with Samsung to resolve this if possible..

          1. Any update on the Gear S2? It’s black friday week and I have the chance to get $50 off through my work, but I don’t want to buy that watch if it won’t work with Sleep as Android.

            Also, is it possible to have a vibration as the lucid dreaming cue instead of a sound? I have babies in the room with me and don’t want to wake them up.

          2. It seems there may be some improvement regarding S2, I cannot tell details and also I don’t have any estimate regarding time frame sorry about that :(..

            Regarding vibrations, we plan to add a silent option for the lucid cue, at the moment the workaround is to add a silent ringtone and use it as the lucid cue.. sorry for the limitation..

  16. I have a pebble time and have 2 questions regarding sleep tracking? 1. Does bluetooth has to be on all night to gather the data or it can be turned on only in the morning to synch the data? 2. Can the sleep tracking starts automatically with the pebble time without any manual input? Thanks

    1. Many thanks, Ad 1) no all processing takes place on the phone so features like lullaby volume off, lucid dreaming, smart wake up etc would not work well without a connection to the watch. Ad 2) we are working on this but may takes some time..

    1. Please note that we use gentle vibrations. It starts with a single vibe, another in 30s, than again in 20s and so on. After few minutes the vibrations will be continuous. You can control when vibrations on the watch start using settings>smartwatch>vibration and you always have a backup alarm on your phone in case something would happen to your watch.

        1. Many thanks for your message. Please note that we use gentle vibrations. It starts with a single vibe, another in 30s, than again in 20s and so on. After few minutes the vibrations will be continuous. You can control when vibrations on the watch start using settings>smartwatch>vibration and you always have a backup alarm on your phone in case something would happen to your watch.

  17. Within the app there is an option to install the wearables app, but the link keeps taking me to this page. I also searched in the Google play store and did not find it.

    Does it exist?

    1. It depends what wearable you are using. For Pebble Sleep as Android is available form the Pebble store, for Gear it is in Galaxy Store, for Android Wear the app gets automatically installed if you install Sleep as Android on you phone.

          1. Hi Petr Nálevka,

            Thanks for your response. Yes, I am willing to install the application on my device and test the functionality. Could you please guide me how to install the application on my device without the galaxy store.

  18. Where am I able to download the add on for the original Gear Fit? I can’t find it in either app stores, and I tried the apk for Gear Fit 2 but it didn’t work. Should I be able to install the add on, enable smart watch in SaA and then when I start sleep tracking it will connect to my Gear Fit?

      1. Thank you for the quick response! Yea I saw notes saying it wasn’t supported, but then I saw other notes saying that I can find it in the galaxy store, so I wasn’t sure what to believe. Thankfully I have a 30 day return policy on this watch, so back to the store it goes. (I’m hoping Samsung reads this!)

        1. Sorry about that could you please point me to the wrong description? There is difference between the Galaxy Gear devices which are risen based, the gear live which is Android based and Gear Fit which has yet again a different OS and there is currently no support for developing for it.

    1. Thanks for your interest in our Gear 2 integration. In order to make it running, You need to download the latest Gear add-on from the Samsung Galaxy AppStore. The exact name of the add-on is “Sleep As Android – Gear Add-On”. Some users reported that they couldn’t find it and they needed to narrow their search to “Health & Fitness”. Also, please make sure you search through Gear manager and not directly on the Galaxy apps.

  19. I can’t figure out how to install on my Gear S2. I download the beta from the website and it installs on my phone but I can not find it on my Gear S2. I’m using a Note 4 with my Gear S2.

      1. Good morning. I’ve read your threads and I see the last reply was posted on 12/3/15. I got a Samsung Gear S2 for Christmas and I’m trying to use your app with my Samsung S6 Edge. I’ve tried to install your add-on for Gear S2 – it still tells me the app failed to install and I’ve checked my security settings to allow installations from sources other than the Play Store. In addition, I can’t find the “Add-On” in any of the app stores. I’ve went to Google’s Play Store, Galaxy Apps, Gear Manager and nothing. I’m not sure if you’re still working on or if Samsung has made you put the brakes on it completely but an update would be great right about now. Thanks!

        1. If I’m correct on one did manage to install the S2 add-on outside the Galaxy Store, so I’m afraid we will need to wait for Samsung to come up with some solution to the battery issues so that we can revert the app back to the Galaxy Store. Sorry for the troubles.

  20. Hi,
    I can’t get vibrations to work with anti-snoring on my Pebble Time Round. I have tried both preview in sleep recording settings and a fake recording. Everything else seems to work fine including vibrating alarm. Am I missing something or is this just a feature that’s still missing on my device?

  21. Would you support the Weloop Tommy running OSSW firmware? It’s fully open source and has 3 weeks of work on one charge. Please consider it, it’s very good and affordable watch.

    1. Hi Athlon, thank you for the suggestion. We’ve looked at it and saw little difference from the Pebble, even the price is very similar (+- $10). Are there any clear advantages to the Tommy?

    1. Hello Vincent,
      you don’t have to wear the watch, but we’ve never tried it. It should give the same results as the phone laying there, just the watch is easier to lose in the sheets 🙂

  22. Is there any update according Garmin devices? If it is still “within 2016”, could You please give a more precise range of time? Until spring? Summer? Next x-mas? 😉 Thank you.

    1. Hi Robert, I wrote 2016 because we are now deep in the CAPTCHA API project and once we finish and launch that, I’ll be looking into the Garmin integration. This won’t start until February. Then we’ll see how long it takes.

  23. Hi,
    Some devices, like the Mi Band, can be configured to vibrate when a notification from a certain app is received. If you could include the option that your app creates a notification when snoring is detected, those devices could, at least, be used to stop snoring. It will not be full integration with a wearable, but it will be better than nothing. What do you think?

    1. Hi Rafa, thanks for your suggestion! We got a suggestion gathering forum on Uservoice, it would be great if you put the suggestion there and vote for it.
      Other than that, what immediately comes to mind is that you would still need to have the phone on your bed – would it make so much difference if the watch vibrates instead of the phone?

      1. Hi, I did not know about the suggestion forum. I will certainly go there, thank you. As to your question, in my opinion it is much different to hear a vibration than actually feel it in your wrist.

  24. Hi, is there is any update on the gear s2 add on ? and dose the sensor batching include the heart rate monitor ?
    i’m a big fan of sleep as android but disappointed that it’s still not yet supported

        1. Hello Laura, Samsung does only allow us to distribute the app for a limited set a Samsung phones, we have more reports that the app is not available on LG for example, we contacted Smasung support about this..

          Regarding battery life people report ~40% use for night with DND enabled..

  25. I was wondering if the Fila Tracker 901 Pro might ever get support. I have no idea as to Fila’s standpoint on third party integration, but it is a cheap device that does have it’s own native sleep tracking function.

  26. Would the MOOV NOW be something that can be supported or the original MOOV? I have used your app and paid for it since 2010 including all the various addons except lullaby. I would love to integrate stats with the MOOV app or at least compare the two. It uses Bluetooth to upload when prompted. It could do the same with sleep as an android as well. Then the normal calculations could just autopopulate.

  27. Sleep graph with heart rate : I use the LG G Watch R for heart rate tracking. It works fine. When i look at the graph after dismissing the alarm I see the heartrate data. When I rate the graph and close it and then go back the heartrate graph does not show anymore. I used “sleep-20151221-beta-release.apk”. What’s strange also is that first there where two periods that I should be awake arround 2 o’clock and later those two green bars had also disappeard. Further is there a way to look at the heartrate data in the charts?

  28. Hello,
    I have a Polar IWL Heart Rate Monitor Belt. It is paired via bluetooth and for example “runtastic” can see it.
    But I can not see any heart-sign when I use it with SaA.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you very much for all your help.

  29. Hii
    Is there any possibility that you can help me to connect my gear fit? I have s6edge and i have bought that gear fit only because of this app.. and now i realize that is unsupported device, is there any way? Or i just made wrong buy and i have to buy new version?
    Thanx for reply

    1. Hi, unfortunately we don’t support Gear Fit — the API has been dropped by Samsung, the only API now is non-official and very limited in functionality. So we have really no option to integrate Gear Fit. Sorry for that…

  30. Hi there. I love your app and have been using it for a couple years now. I was bought a Zenwatch (first gen) for Christmas but I’m failing to get it to work together. It won’t connect in the first place, and now I’m seeing it consumes ~40% battery. Any help would be REALLY appreciated.

  31. I tried installing the Gear S2 software but I only partially succeeded. One time it did connect but with no readings.
    After that I reinstalled and I couldn’t get it connected again.

    This is what I did:

    Debug-mode I entered by going to settings->Info Gear->ticking a few times on the softwareversion->Enable debug mode
    I was able to install the .cfg-file using these instructions: followed by
    When I open the app, it only shows: “Starting tracking”.

    At this point the Phone is connected via bluetooth with the devices but the lastest (beta) version on the Phone does not recognize the S2.
    Tried this with Wifi/BT only or both enabled. Also tried to install the APK-file on the Phone but this failed.

    Do you have an idea what I can do next to make it work?

    Many thanks and thanks for the great program!

  32. Hey guys,

    Absolutely love the app. Quick question regarding HR monitoring. Does the app monitor your heart rate continuously whilst sleep tracking? Woke up in the night a few times to notice the heart rate sensors on my huawei watch doing their thing.

    Secondly, any chance that the HR information could be integrated into Google fit so it is viewable on graphs there? This would be very useful for overall HR monitoring.

    1. Hello, many thanks. We plan to allow HR upload to Fit, we already have that for S health, but due to technical difficulties with Fit we did not finish this yet.

      regarding the sensor at the moment we leave it to the phone implementation, we just register a listener with the lower frequency requirement.

  33. I just manage to install de wgt on my gear s2, I’m having issues now when installing the apk Gear_S2_SleepAsAndroid_phone.apk (2.66 Mb), As soon I install it, Android shows an error, and ask me to uninstall the application, also I slept last night with my gear it seems to connect with the app but when I check on shealth it just show the hours with out any variation in the graph I was expecting some variation on it, any ideas? (Sorry for my English)

    1. This is great news, could you post some details on how you managed to install the wgt? Please note that there is no need to install the APK along this is only a container of the wgt file in case this would make it easier to install.

      Regarding, at the moment S health doe snot support sleep phases but hopefully we will be adding this very soon.

      1. First I download the tizen IDE, then connect the gear s2 through wifi and enable debugging mode, follow some instructions I found in this threat , in one post by maarten.zondervan says this “I was able to install the .cfg-file using these instructions: followed by ” also from a command window you have to install the new compile wgt and run sdb install Gear_S2-SleepAsAndroid_Consumer.wgt

        If you need any more information to improve the app, just ask

  34. I got it to work with heart rate and movement. When “sleep” syncs with S Health, it syncs only the time, not the graph.
    It could be coincidental but it looked like I could not connect my galaxy s6 with the gear s2 when the battery of the s6 was below 20%. I do not have power save enabled.

    @Petr Nálevka: What kind of information could be useful to sent by e-mail?

  35. A friend of mine just showed me his smartband, that I’ve never heard of – IWOWN (i5 / i5 plus). I have no idea about their openness, but maybe you could investigate the matter? The band is cheap enough to buy it for sleep tracking purposes. 🙂

    1. Hey Tomek, this looks like the same case as with Xiaomi Mi – a great cheap device whose developers do not want anyone tinkering with their thing. There is no public API, so it’s unfortunately out of our reach :/

  36. Could you look at “GNight” app on Gear S2? It work pretty well at tracking sleep. It use around 25% of battery per night. Maybe you can see how it manage to use so little battery on Gear S2 then apply it to your SleepAsAndroid.

    1. We’ve tried to contact the dev, but to no avail. Should you ever stumble upon his email address, could you please let us know We also suspect that the problem is that there are undocumented battery saving features in the S2 API and as the G’Night app was made on a Samsung workshop, it might be utilizing them.

          1. Hi,
            Mi Band Notify v2 Supports continuous heart rate monitoring even if I don’t have Mi Fit installed. And its a 3rd party App. Would love to user Sleep as Android if it worki with mi band 1s.

          2. Hi Marcin, you can currently use Mi Band to load your heart rates into Google Fit, from which they will go to Sleep as Android. We have currently partnered with a guy who has extensive experience with Mi band integrations, but at this time I cannot promise anything.

  37. I have an LG Watch R and have the HR option enabled. When i turn on sleep tracking, im noticing the HR light on the watch looks like it stays on. Does it stay on all night?

    1. Hi Michael, sorry for the late reply. In order to make it running, you need to download the latest Gear add-on from the Samsung Galaxy AppStore or the Gear manager on some devices. The exact name of the add-on is “Sleep As Android – Gear Add-On”. Some users reported that they couldn’t find it and they needed to narrow their search to “Health & Fitness”.

  38. Totally agree with Kongkeat,
    I had test those app, and battery drain was only 20%,
    I’ll be totally happy if sleep as android would work on gear s 2 with similar battery usage !

  39. I’m on the fence about buying a wearable (preferably the UP3 from Jawbone- mostly because of the advanced sleeping & tracking technology). What are the few MAIN reasons that I should NOT continue to use only my phone? (2 things- I have a Nexus 5 phone running Marshmallow 6.0.1, and I’m an Android user; I’ll NEVER choose an Apple product over Android/Google) I am already aware of the heart monitor reason, so other than a heart rate sensor on a wearable, please explain an important reason or feature that is restricted to a wearable. I do understand that monitoring one’s heart rate makes it more easy to detect REM stages. I have read extensive amounts of reviews and articles, however I am particularly curious to what others will reply to this comment of mine. I will truly appreciate all of your responses & opinions. Additionally, I am asking because I’d like to learn more before selecting a particular wearable. This is important to me due to my long-term sleep disorder (basically- chronic fatigue syndrome); I can SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP for very long periods of time. I can get 8-10 hours and STILL wake up feeling as if I only got 8-10 minutes. I’d like to mention that I don’t have any other issues (no sleep apnea, insomnia, depression, or any other serious health condition). It’s just simply VERY difficult for me to wake up and successfully get OUT of bed. On my days off, or when I don’t have to be up at a specific time, I stay in bed until evening (about once a week I stay in bed until the next day). A few times a year I wake up feeling rested, and I’m able to get right up. But enough about me. Should I get a sleep tracker like the Up3 and take advantage of the “advanced technology” …and what exactly is it that a phone lacks? To take things even further, would other devices be more beneficial such as the Phillips Wake Up Therapy Light…

    1. Just wanted to let u know I am right there with you when it comes to being constantly sleepy/sleeping long hrs. Yest I fell asleep in the car in my driveway b4 even coming inside after I got home. That was around 10pm..woke up n came in around 12:30am, let my 1 yr old sleep w me, she woke up at 8 sumthn am and her dad watched her while I went back to sleep and didn’t even wake up to pee until 7:30pm! I hate the fact that I could literally almost sleep my entire life away! I’m also with you as far as looking into getting a jawbone up3 for the advanced sleep tracking capabilities. I currently have a misfit which doesn’t even show ANY sleep data over half the time! I don’t kno much about technology but my guess on why a wearable would be better than just using a phone would be obv like u said about the heart rate monitoring, but also I’d think it would be more convenient if it automatically picked up when you slept instead of having to get your phone, open the sleep app and press the sleep tracking icon. Also, if you have someone sleeping with you, I could see how a wearable would be more appropriate since it wouldn’t pick up on ur partners sleep, along with if you set the wearable to vibrate as ur alarm so as not to wake ur sleep partner. Also for me, I’ve used a nexus 7 tablet instead of phone to use the sleep as Android app and it’s been a hassle sometimes bc of the size having it in the bed. But my main reasons for wanting the jawbone up3 are bc it seems like having the HR monitor and body temp technology built in that itd give more accurate info, and bc it’d always be on my wrist so if I were to fall asleep without my phone being right beside me then I would still have that sleep data, bc I can tell ya I’ve missed A LOT of sleep data from just not having my tablet on me/not planning on falling asleep. I can’t remember if the jawbone automatically senses if you fall asleep, or if u need to manually let it know that you’re about to sleep, but if it does automatically then that would be a huge plus! One reason (which if you’re anything like myself) being that if you fell asleep just sitting up you could still have access to that sleep data. I know this is getting lengthy, but idk if you’ve spoken with a Dr about your sleep habits/disorder, but if you were able to collect enough consistent sleep data I would imagine that would be very beneficial info to share with your physician! Ok so that was my

      1. Hello Ladies, I can tell you that the UP3 will provide much better accuracy than any other device I know of. The range of sensors is impressive. The UP app is a nice piece of work. I had the UP3 for well over a year before the band started to fall apart; I tended to be a little rough on it. But with reasonable care it should last longer. I now have a Huawei watch as my current job is not as abusive as my last. The Android Wear devices are nice but do not provide the accuracy as the UP3. I am still getting used to Sleep as Android and hope to see improvements along the way. The developers seem to be responsive to user requests so I am confident that the app will get better. Good luck on your quest for understanding your sleeping issues.

        1. hi Dan, don’t know if you’ll see this bc I JUST NOW ACCIDENTALLY came across it& wish I’d seen it b4 wasting$ on a mi band pulse! I heard all this good stuff about it supposedly being even better at sleep tracking& bought an faulty UP3 which I returned b4 deciding on the mi band that I’ve done nOthing but waste my time with!

    1. Hi Vincent, that’s not so simple as you might imagine. The majority of smart watches do not have any interface to connect it to 3rd party apps. Do you have a specific smartwatch in mind?

  40. I am trying to get the app to work on my Samsung live gear smartwatch but the downloads that you’re telling me to download are nowhere to be found. So it’s still only vibrating on my phone, not my watch.

  41. Many people still have a gear fit and it is the only smasung smart watch to noy be used with this app I am super disappointed that I cant use my gear fit as I kove the app and hate sleeping with my phone in the bed.


  42. Hi there, i followed uour step by step how to integrate as a add-on beta and… it works like a charm despite the Ubuntu way of doing it is a bit more difficult mainly because of Tizen (main one was not to have space in Tizen path…, second was not to miss restart after Tizen IDE install otherwise the device DUID won’t show up despite the device is connected). No battery extra consumption at all, the graph shows it monitored all my night.
    One feature i didn’t activate is noise recording and thinking of that, which mic are you using? The phone one or the S2 one? That could explain a consumption delta with other users.
    Cheers and thanks

    1. Hi Philippe, this is great news! You’re one of the lucky few who managed to make it running. What versions of S2 and Tizen SDK are you running?
      We use the phone’s mic.

  43. I made it to install sleep as droid on my samsung gear s2 now, but the app did not connect to the watch… Use smartwatch funktion is aktivated on my phone. can someone help?

    1. Hi Oystein, we’d be getting a Vivoactive in a few weeks and then start working on the integration. Unfortunately the only way to interface with Garmin devices is via their Connect IQ API, which doesn’t support the Vivosmart.

  44. Hi, I was wondering if there is any particular smartwatch or smartband you would recommend?

    I know you have recommended the Pebble classic several times but am wondering if a smartwatch or band with a heart-rate monitor enables better detection into REM. My soul purpose with sleep tracking is to better enable me to lucid dream.

    At the moment I’m torn between a LG Urbane or a Yarrashop (
    Ultimately I would prefer a fitness tracker purely because they are generally lighter & more comfortable to wear in bed, I currently have a Jawbone Up3, but am not really convinced by the sleep data & it never matches up with the SAA sleep date?
    Appreciate the app & appreciate any advice your able to give me.

    1. Hi Steve,
      from what you are suggesting, we only support LG Urbane for accelerometric data. For the Yarrashop watch, you won’t be able to get them – and they also provide no API, so we cannot integrate them in the future.
      It is however possible that they would provide the heart rates nonetheless, since that works over a BTLE protocol which is independent on the watch’s operating system.

      So from what you are offering, I’d choose LG Urbane. It will give out accelerometric and hr values.
      It is also possible to buy a heart rate sensor for the Pebble Time/Steel’s smart strap.

  45. Hi, I love your app but really want to use something on my wrist measuring movement and HR. I cannot find what I would describe as a fitness tracker that will integrate with your potentially-fantastic app (am I missing something?), so I’ve had to go with Jawbone but would return if you could add Garmin Connect IQ integration (I’m interested in the Vivoactive HR when it is released within the next month or so). So I’d like to add a +1 for Connect IQ integration…

    1. ps Even without HR, do you know of a simple wrist band that will measure movement but work with your app via Bluetooth or Ant+ perhaps via a phone plugin? All the devices you list as compatible are full-blown smartwatches, which is great if people want one anyway but for this purpose are unnecessarily expensive, bulky, short on battery life.

    2. Hi Rob, we are currently waiting for delivery of our Garmin watch (we’re getting the Vivoactive) and then we’ll start working on the integration.

      1. Yay!!! Please Please Please.. I look at the connect iq api and you now have access to sensor data, via ant+ or in the worst case, a connect iq app that can comunicate with sleep as an android i think..

        Pretty looking forward into this since i want my sleep analysis from sleep as an android again!

    1. Hello Mark, unfortunately it now not possible to integrate any 3rd party app with Samsung Gear Fit as Samsung dropped the SDK and made the device obsolete.

      1. For the Gear Fit integration you said “Samsung dropped the SDK and this device-line is basically obsolete now.”

        Is this likely to change now that there is a new Gear Fit 2 on the market?


        1. Hi, Gear Fit2 has a different OS than the Gear Fit1, so things are totally different. Probably the same app that works on Gear S2 will work on Gear Fit2. We’ll try to release an app for the Fit2 soon.

          1. Hello, currently we don’t have time plan for that — but once we make the Gear S2 integration stable, it could be a matter of days in the best case…months in the worst.

  46. I have a gear s2 and have paid for your app as well as an add on or 2. I really like it but want integration with my gear s2 without having to side load. I’m also using the beta version of the app. Please help and get the full integration.

    1. Many thanks. We are negotiating with Samsung to allow our app back to Galaxy Store. They pulled it because of high battery consumption. But we are on a good way, hopefully it will reappear in the store in less then few weeks time..

  47. I have the Moto 360 Gen 2 46mm and I’ve noticed a HUGE improvement in battery life since the recent Android Wear 1.4 update! Last night, for example, I slept 8 hours with sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring going and only had 17% battery drain! WiFi mode on, Bluetooth on, and screen in Theater mode. This has finally become a 2 day device. I can’t wait to see what this update does for my wife’s Asus Zenwatch 2 1.45″. Has everyone else had similar experiences?

    1. Great news, at the moment we have different reports, some people report improvement and other significant regression, so let see. I tested on G Watch Android 6.0 update and and can confirm an improvement with 11% battery per night..

  48. You say “Sleep as Android supports gathering of heart rate data from Bluetooth Smart device such as e.g. the Polar H7”
    Besides that chest strap is there any other device that you support heart rate monitoring, I am not talking about sleep tracking only for heart rate monitoring.
    So I can add the heart rate stats from the band to the phone app which tracks the sleep.

    1. Hello, unfortunately we cannot confirm any other working straps as the only one we could have tested it on is the Polar H7. In theory it should work on all devices implementing the BTLE standard, but the reality proved it wrong on a few occassions already.

      1. I have tested the Add-on and It does work as far a vibrating the band when the alarm goes off, But as far as the data collected by “Sleep as Android” (Deep Sleep, REM sleep, Light Sleep), does that information Sync/share to the Microsoft Health App?


  49. Just test the new add-on for Gear S2, it work pretty good so far. Display off, Gestures off, Wifi on, Bluetooth on, HR on (frequency update mode) trak for 6 hours sleep, consume 25% of battery per night.

      1. Samsung Gear S2 addon for Sleep as Android is now available in the Samsung Galaxy Store.
        The exact name of the add-on is “Sleep As Android – Gear Add-On”. Some users reported that they couldn’t find it and they needed to narrow their search to “Health & Fitness”. Also, please make sure you search through Gear manager and not directly on the Galaxy apps.

  50. Hi,

    I tried alarm with my smartwatch, but I have question about frequency of vibrations . I noticed that it vibrates once per several seconds (10? more?). In my opion it is should be more often. Is there a possibility to modify this ?

    Anyway thanks for your app. It’s imressive!


    1. Hi Bartek — it starts with 1 vibrate, then 30 seconds quiet, then 2 vibrations, then 20 seconds, 3 vibrations, 10 seconds quiet etc until continuous.
      It’s gradual 🙂

    1. I can not find the app on Samsung Gear App. It seems to be a common problem, can you please investigate? Is absurd that we want to buy your app and we can’t. Maybe is related to this?
      Some developers talks about regional or devices restriction when publishing an app on samsung gear app store, maybe you put some restriction on some smartphone or country? I’m in Italy on a LG G3

      1. Hello Jiri, could you please give us any update on your progress with the MiBand addon? There are some very good third party MiBand apps (e.g. MiBand Tools) so contacting those devs might point you in the right direction. Thanks for your reply and for an awesome app!

          1. Any update on this? I’m a Sleep as Android customer and it works well with my Pebble; but I’d like to get it working with my Miband too!


          2. Hello David, the update is negative unfortunately….Xiaomi has changed the firmware again, this time adding an encryption layer so it is now absolutely crazy to think about integration. They’re just doing all they can to stop 3rd party developers.

    1. Hi Oscar, unfortunately there is no way to integrate SWR30. We have consulted it with Sony guys and concluded that the band’s battery wouldn’t last the night of sleep tracking.

  51. Hi,
    It would be great if the android wear app could record sleep without having to be connected to the phone.
    Is there any development for this in the future?


    1. Hi Jim, this may work theoretically, but only on the wear platform (where there is x other watch platforms) and also it would mean that we’d need to refactor a lot of code. Also I don’t think that there is a lot of people who use the watch without the phone (but I have no data on this – would you mind sending me your use case on
      So while it is a theoretical possibility, we are probably not going to do it in the near future..

  52. There must be some 3rd party integration for Xiaomi Mi Band because Mi Band Notify & Fitness enables constant monitoring of heart rate and it seems it acess the api of the original Mi Fit application.

    1. Hello, there is 3rd party integration possible with Mi band, but the API is not public, it is reverse engineered and prone to change. We are working on an integration addon.

    1. Hello Tom, could you please point me to the open API? We have made serious effort to find it and always ended with a reverse engineered solution. But we are also not giving up and currently we are working with an expert on reverse engineering the Miband…

  53. First of all I wld like to compliment you guys on your amazing app! I’ve tried numerous sleep apps and nothing comes anywhere close to competing with sleep as Android! So a million thanks for all your work! Also I realize as far as wearables not being supported, if they aren’t that it is not because of any attempt on your behalf! That being said, I own a misfit and am wondering if there is any way of getting it to work with your app? I read that it is not supported but couldn’t figure out what it meant by it not having time sensitive whatever it was? Also, im not very impressed with the misfit anyway and am hoping to purchase a diff wearable in the near future, so my next question is, what would you advise? I have thought the jawbone up3 would be my best choice up until realizing that there are other wearables that support the SAA app. So do you think I should get something else(cheaper being better for my budget)..or do you think it’d be smarter to still invest in the jawbone up3 and just use my phone to collect sleep data with this app and compare data using both?

    1. Hi Heather. The Misfit is not supported simply because the manufacturer does not give us access to the movement sensor of the Misfit. We cannot do anything about it.
      The best wearable now in terms of budget is the classic Pebble. We are also working on a MiBand integration, that would be even cheaper, but it’s not there at the moment.

  54. Hey guys. I need some help. I just installed the app on my gear s2. I noticed the batter dies within 6 hrs or so. When I wake up its died. I have the galaxy s7 phone if that matters. How and what settings to make the watch lasts longer.. thank you

  55. Will the battery consumption for the Samsung Gear S2 Classic be improved? I tried “Sleep as Android” one night and my Gear S2 battery was dead when I woke up.

    1. Hello Byron. It seems that it works very differently on individual S2’s. Some people report drain as low as 15% per night. The issue with the large battery drain is that S2 has no sensor batching, so it needs to stay in awake state whole night. Hopefully Samsung will address the issue in their next firmware update…

  56. What is a sensor batch queue and what does it provide in this context? Why would one care that the urbane has 1000 and the huawei has only 150?

    Thank you for all your great work!

    1. Some people report this, but others also report there are under 30% per night, you can check our Google+ group on that. Anyway I would recommend checking running processes and reverting to a default watchface and use the DND mode when sleep tracking..

    2. The larger batch queue the more we can save on battery during sleep tracking. Ques store sensor events while device is in stand-by with shorter queue you have to wake the device earlier so the overall standby time is shorter..

    1. Hello, we support HR measurement of Mio Link, that’s tested by our users. Mio Fuse does not have a sufficient API to integrate with Sleep as far as I know…

  57. Sleep as Android – Gear Add-on still does not show for me in the Gear Manager store. I can see it in the regular Google Play store, but the integration with the S2 requires the Add-on, which I can’t find. Others have reported this as well. Any update on this?

    1. Samsung Gear S2 addon for Sleep as Android is now available in the Samsung Galaxy Store.
      The exact name of the add-on is “Sleep As Android – Gear Add-On”. Some users reported that they couldn’t find it and they needed to narrow their search to “Health & Fitness”. Also, please make sure you search through Gear manager and not directly on the Galaxy apps.

      CAUTION: For some reason Samsung allows as to distribute the add-on only on Samsung devices. We fired a ticked about this with Samsung, hopefully they will respond soon..

  58. Just bought the Gear S2, installed the app without any problems from the gear manager.

    Have only two issues with it
    – it doesn’t vibrate (neither alarm or antisnoring work properly), it vibrates sometimes when you press the preview button, sometimes doesn’t even do that
    – I don’t know how to reliably track the heart rate with it – it’s a bit hit and miss, sometimes the red line appears after few hours on the graph, sometimes after minutes and sometimes never, what are best settings for that when it comes to gear s2?

    I have the latest firmware: R732XXU2CPB7

    Best regards

    1. Hi Lukas, thanks for your comment.
      Our S2 integration doesn’t measure heart rates. You are probably getting them to S Health and from S Health back to Sleep as Android.
      Regarding the vibration, could you please send a message to That’s the author of the S2 addon and should have some clues hopefully…

    1. Hi Mike, could you please send me a debug log from Sleep as Android? (Menu>report a bug). You can also examine the log yourself, but if you let me have it, I’ll post the info into the table of supported devices. Many thanks!

  59. thank you for responding! I’ve kept this page open in my phone for weeks just so I wouldn’t miss ur reply! Lol. anyway, I lost my misfit, just noticed today, so looks like I’ll be taking your advice and getting a pebble

  60. I have a Galaxy S6 and Gear S2. Integration is less than simple. I don’t quite understand the concept here. I want to wake up at 530am. The phone says 530am, the watch alarm says 430am. It woke me up at 507am. I just want to wake up at 530am. How can I do this?

      1. I noticed the same thing, I assume it is daylight savings time related. Once fall hits, I assume the issue to go away.

        I love the app, but am disappointed in that the integration to gear s2 has not improved….

        1. Vibration on alarm is inconsistent (sometimes it works sometimes it oesnt)
        2. Upon stopping sleep tracking on the phone, it restarts again since it never terminates on the watch.
        3. Cannot snooze nor dismiss the alarm on the watch

        1. Hello, we will be releasing new version of the S2 addon shortly. It will hopefully fix all of the issues. It’s a firmware issue, we got a loaner S2 from Samsung which has a different firmware than the consumer, so it takes a lot of hit and miss to get things right unfortunately. We’re buying our own shortly.

          1. Does that include the issue of battery consumption? I’m still considering buying that watch for several reasons but I’ve been using your app for years and it’s been the main reason I’ve held off.

  61. Looking to get my Mi Band 1s HR monitor to function with SAA.

    I see that its possible to import the HR data from the Mi Band 1s into Google Fit using various apps (Mi Band Tools, Mi Band Notify V2). The HR data that is imported into SAA from Google Fit, is that real-time or batched? And in either event, it is useful for sleep tracking/smart wake-up in SAA in either form? Or is it just overlaid on the graph at the end of a sleep session for reference.

    Also keeping my fingers crossed you guys are able to integrate/pair the Mi Band 1s directly to SAA.

    Great work you guys/gals!

    1. Hi Commander Keen!
      It’s not realtime, it’s backloaded into the graph in the morning, once the tracking finishes. It’s still useful because it can detect awake periods and highlight them in the graph, and it will also adjust the sleep duration accordingly.
      Thank you very much for your wishes! Hopefully we finish the integration soon.

      1. Jiri,

        Is the HR data (wherever it comes from) ever used to determine a more accurate smart wake-up time? Or is it just used to display more accurate sleep stats at the end of a sleep cycle?

        Thanks again.

  62. Hi guys !
    Do you think you will get the razer nabu and nabu x compatible with the app?
    I’ve checked, both allow 3rd party apps and the bright point is that they are really low consuming.


  63. Hello,
    I have Huawei watch and tried to set up test alarm with your app. Settings are the following – no sound, vibro on the watch immidiately. Alarm worked in time but vibro was enabled once in a 20-30 seconds. Am I missing something? I would like to have vibro repeated more frequently, like one time in a 2-3 seconds.

    1. Hi, the vibration on the watch gradually increases in frequency. You get: vibrate – 30 sec pause – vibrate – 20 sec pause – vibrate – 10 seconds – vibr – 5 s – vibr – and to continual vibration.

      1. Thanks for the answer. Is there any option to change this? I really would love to get immediate continual vibration. Tried current implementation for over two weeks and I am missing alarms when it is increasing so soft and slowly.

  64. Reposting from above.

    Is the HR data (wherever it comes from) ever used to determine a more accurate smart wake-up time? Or is it just used to display more accurate sleep stats at the end of a sleep cycle?

    Thanks again.

    1. Hello, according to our tests the HR data are not usable to recognize between light and deep sleep, but we use them for awake detecting. The awake episode needs to be at least 15 min long though..

      If the data doe snot come form a BT smart or Wear device with a HR sensor it is probably coming from S Health or Google Fit..

  65. Hello!

    You write Smartwatch 2 from Sony consuming >10% battery of every hour of tracking. I sleep 7 hours, and I think this is no problem for this smartwatch. In this moment I charge my SW2 one time per week, and this is no problem for that, I can charge is one time per day.

    After all, can you share a test beta version for us? We can test it. I think this is no problem for you? 🙂

  66. The chart says that Mio Link is supported, with no caveats mentioned. Whereas comments above from last month say that only HR is supported, not sleep tracking. Has sleep support been added recently, or does the chart need a caveat added?

    1. Hi Cate, oh yes, it’s wrong. Only the BTLE HR works. Unfortunately sleep tracking won’t work because Mio doesn’t provide any API for the accelerometer. Many thanks for turning my attention to this, I’m correcting it. I thought earlier that it doesn’t even have an accelerometer.

        1. Most probably none…Xiaomi has done several evasive maneuvers and totally changed the firmware again…so if Zdenek has the persistence, he might be able to pull something out, but this is probably a blind alley :/

  67. Hi, I have a Samsung Gear s2 and i use it with my Lg g4 (H815) but I can not find the Add-On for my smartwatch. I tried to search it in the Samsung Gear app, but i did not find it, neither in the “Health & Fitness” section (as you wrote). I contacted Samsung and they answered that “the Samsung Gear Apps shows only apps that are compatible with the smartphone where the app is running”, so this means that you should flag (or something similar) the Lg g4 as “compatible” with the Sleep As Add-On, in the Samsung Gear Apps.
    Can you fix this? Thank you

    1. Hi Francesco, it’s a little more difficult with Samsung in this case. When we first published the addon, they didn’t have the option to flag any other phones than Samsung as compatible. Now they do, but we have to go through a painful bureacratic process with Samsung before we can publish it.
      So please be patient, it’s baking.

    1. Hi Florent, unfortunately Withings doesn’t provide any public API to get to the sensor data, as far as i know. If you would know of such API, please let me know!

  68. I was wondering if there was any plans to support the wahoo x chest strap HR tracker. I believe there is also a accelerometer built in that you could pull data fromm

    1. As said in the email earlier — unfortunately the Tickr is built in a way that it will turn off after a while when it doesn’t sense elevated motion and heart rate.

  69. Just wanted to let you know that the gear s2 battery guidance may need to be updated. 🙂 Using the gear add-on app for 2 weeks and only seeing 15-20% battery loss per night.

    In my experience, the combo has been great except for two minor issues:

    1. Smartwatch vibration notifications are not working
    2. The watch/app has problems stopping tracking unless you exit the watch app first. If you stop from the phone first, the watch will keep restarting tracking.


      1. I know I shouldn’t ask, but I can’t resist. When you say releasing “soon”, is that days or weeks? I’m just wondering as I still resist using the watch for tracking because of these bugs.

        1. You should ask. In fact the more you ask, the more you push us to the release. But unfortunately I have to say weeks, since we still need to do some testing and then the review process by Samsung takes a few days…

          1. There is a Gear Add on now published to the google play store. When I install it I now see 2 gear add ons, one from the Samsung store, one from Google…. Should I wait for an update to be pushed to samsung and not install from Google? Re; Gear S2.

  70. Hello!
    What is the best Heart Rate monitoring device i can get to use with your app? I’ve seen pebble, but it seems that they need some kind of addons to get HR working and i doubt i can get my hands on that because of my location.
    By the way, is it really worth to bother with HR? It seems that most of HR devices are not working in realtime and\or only useful while i’m awake for longer than 15 minutes?

    1. Hi,

      the devices with the heart icon in the above table are working in realtime. We don’t support some devices such as Gera S2 yet, so they measure HR to S health and then retroload the data back to Sleep in the morning.
      I would recommend Samsung Gear Live, Zenwatch 1 or LG watches.

  71. Hi,
    I am using sleep as android with a silent alarm and my peeble to wake me up but when I choose to “stop” the alarm and don’t do the captcha (because I hit the wrong button) my pebble do not vibrate again after 60 seconds and it become like a normal which defeat the purpose of the captcha.
    Am I doing something wrong or is it the desired behavior?

    Thanks in advance for your answers and thanks for your great app!

  72. hi,
    thanks for this great app! I have sleeping problems and Id like to get better.
    i have one garmin vivosmart hr, is there any news for it? i really need smart waking alarm on wearable gear. so im thinking about to sell it and get a LG G Watch Urbane if no update plan for garmin gears. is urbane support hr monitoring on sleep as android?(the list doesnt show it supports or not.)
    thanks again!

    1. Hello Zora,
      unfortunately the Vivosmart has no public API, so we cannot integrate it with Sleep as Android. If you are thinking of getting the Urbane, I can recommend that.

  73. Hi guys.
    Can you explain the benefits, if any, of using the phone and android wear watch together? If I track using the watch, does it use the watch sensors exclusively? (except for the mic to record sounds).

    Is it possible to seamlessly transition to tracking on the phone if the watch battery dies?

    Finally, how often does the wear watch (360 2) communicate with the phone while sleeping? Is data sent in batches? Do you have any technical information on this process?

    1. Hello Dave, yes the communication is batched, it depends but most time of the sleep we only send batches every 2 minutes. At the moment the phone is not used for sleep tracking at all if tracking runs on the watch.

  74. Hi there, I use the LG G Watch Urbane for HR tracking, which worked fine until a few days using the beta. Since Tuesday I can’t see the graph anymore, but the HR light on the watch is still on. Not sure if that’s because of a recent update

  75. Hi there,

    The list shows that the lg watch urbane should be compatible with sleep as Android for the heart rate monitoring during sleep. However, I can’t seem to find “Settings/Smartwatch” to enable it? Has that settings page been changed to something else?

  76. Hi there,

    we use a Pebble with SaA for research. My question is can we export data with more granularity? The export csv is in 5 minute intervals, we would like to have 10-20s intervals… Is there a setting I missed somewhere?

      1. Can’t wait. Trying to decide if I want to get a Garmin Vivoactive watch (so that I can also use an external GPS with Locus Map and save a bit of phone battery) or just a cheap Pebble (because it would be my first smartwatch anyway, and not a huge investment just to figure out if I like them or not).

    1. That would be great if only Xiaomi would offer some extensibility options with the $20 price tag.. The truth is the only way to talk to their device is to hack the low level BT protocol which changes with every firmware update..lets hope someone will make a cheap but still open and extensible device in the future..

    1. Hello Alex, unfortunately nothing new, and most probably it will just remain impossible to integrate. Samsung dropped the SDK a long time ago, so there’s no way to make apps for it.

  77. Any news on update of the Gear s2 add-on?

    Summary of issues (Galaxy Note 2 phone) in current version of Gear s2 app, some reported before:

    – does not vibrate on alarm (presumably because it does not wake the screen on the Gear)
    – shown alarm time is 1 hour early (daylight saving time issue?)
    – stop tracking on phone does not stop tracking on watch
    – After BT connection with watch drops momentarily during tracking (which happens ocasionally with Gear S2), accelerometer data continues sending but neither watch or phone can stop tracking on Gear and battery consumption on Gear doubles from 40% to 80% per night.

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Ken!
      Many thanks for asking. Currently we’re pending review from Samsung on an updated version of the app. This is a long and painful process and we hope they will have it complete next week. All of the issues you report should be fixed in the update.

      1. Hi, any news yet on the updated Gear S2 addon? Currently using the battery-draining one – Well done on adding sleep tracking to a device which didn’t have it! But anxiously awaiting the possibility of not charging my watch twice a day lol

        1. Sorry, on Android Wear sensor batching allows us to track sleep with a day time normal battery consumption ~15% per night of tracking. But Samsung does not allow sensor batching in their 3rd party API, so we have no way to optimize this further..

          1. Hi Aadil, we have done a bit of diplomacy with Samsung and hopefully they will let us through this time, so in a few days the version will be out. It’s true that there is no way to optimize the battery usage because of the missing sensor batching feature. It unfortunately differs a lot from device to device, some people report 40%, some 80% per night. But what will be fixed is the error of not being able to stop tracking, which is what Ken was complaining about.

  78. Looking forward to what you find with the Garmin Fenix 3 HR as I have already tried Huawei Watch and Moto 360 Sport.
    – Huawei Watch had issue with providing the correct HR even outside of Sleep as Android so it got returned.
    – Moto 360 Sport does not seem to track HR for Sleep as Android, but also just sucks as a fitness tracker in general (bad battery life and GPS is just sad) so it is going back.
    My last hope is the Fenix 3 HR so I hope it works.

  79. I can’t seem to find the settings to manage the “Vibe-alarm on watch”. I can get it to do one initial vibration on my watch at the alarm time but nothing continuous. Any thoughts? I’m using an LG G Watch R.

    1. Hello, the vibration on the watch follows a pattern where it vibrates once initially, after 30 seconds twice, then after 20 seconds three times and so on until it vibrates continually.

    1. Hello Ivan, most probably not as they have changed their API and it is now very strict, needs some kind of authentication so 3rd party apps probably cannot use it.

    1. Hello Steve, not sure yet, but probably yes. But we have so much problems with the S2 integration that we are quite averse to Samsung now :/ but we’ll try.

  80. Hi, can you comment on possible compatibility with the gear fit 2? I know it’s only 3 days new, but the first model was listed as a non-starter. Did Samsung open this one up to development?

    1. Hi Damian, in theory it is possible, the only issue is that Samsung has very difficult and painful process to change your watch app in any way that it might take some longer time…

        1. Hi Vincent, not sure how can I expose the process to you, but I’ll try to explain where I stand now. I have a prototype of the watch app and an almost finished Android counterpart. Currently I have to solve some issues in the watch app regarding memory management and then test for battery drain.
          If you have any specific idea of the integration tracking, feel free to share them 🙂

          1. Honestly, I’ve never really used Sleep as Android, as I didn’t want to sleep with my phone… But I’ve always been interested by the idea, and I’ve been following its progress. I had a mi-band before, that wasn’t supported at the time (it’s still in progress, right ?), and now that I have a Garmin, it’s one of the first thing that I checked.
            All this to say that I don’t have a specific idea yet 🙂 I guess sleep tracking and smart wake-up are all that I need for now.
            I can’t wait to use SaA 😀

    1. Hi John, in theory it is possible, the only issue is that Samsung has very difficult and painful process to change your watch app in any way that it might take some longer time…

    1. Hi, hopefully this week should Samsung tell us the result of the validation process of our app, so if we pass it, it should work right away.

  81. Hi,

    First of all, love your app. I want to buy a smart watch and try with it.

    Would any of smart watches from work with sleep as Android? They have NO. 1 D6 with runs on Android 4.4 with heart rate monitor. Watches there have very attractive price tag. Will that watch work with the app and be able to access HR readings? Also, they have other smart watches with HR sensor, they are cheaper but I’m not sure what they are running on.

    If non of those ones work, could you please let me know which is the cheapest smart watch with HR sensor is out there that would work with your app. I looked at your list of supported devices but all of the devices start at $250 and more. Any cheaper devices with HR sensor, that will work with your app?


    1. Hi Raul – without looking at GearBest, I definitely recommend the new Pebble 2 – around 100 USD for a rgeat smartwatch with HR, that’s unbeatable. We will definitely support it.
      Regarding the watches on GearBest — those are not smartwatches in the commonly used sense, but a full fledged phone, isn’t it? You can install Sleep as Android on that watch as you would any other app. I only fear that it won’t be much usable as the screen is very small.

  82. Hi
    I am using the Gear S2 Classic with the Sleep as Android add on, which works absolutely fine for tracking etc – however the alarm on my watch sets itself to an hour before the time I set on my phone. So the watch vibrates at 6am and then the phone rings and does the CAPTCHA at 7am, which is the time I want to get up. The time on my watch is definitely correct, and I have also tried setting the alarm time to 8am which sets it to 7am on my watch! Any advice? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you!

    1. Hello, this is a bug in Tizen, we have a workaround for this. I’m sorry but it is extremely hard to work with Samsung, we try to make the app available on the Galaxy Store, but they simply keep refusing our submission for awkward reasons, we already submitted more then 5 times and still cannot get the app on the store. We will keep trying..

  83. Hi
    This might be a stupid question, but I would like a confirmation on it before buying my new smartwatch 😉
    Question concerns Huawei Watch. Is it’s heart rate sensor supported for “automatic awake and REM detection” feature? Compatibility list didn’t list the heart despite the fact that watch does posses heart rate sensor, so I am left wondering if I will be able to use this useful feature with Huawei Watch 🙂

    Another question, this time for those Chinese “android-phones-in-watch” watches. The are running 4.4 (or some other) android OS, so (in theory) it should be possible to install “Sleep as Android” app on them. But will they be capable of using heart rate sensor, or are they stuck with just accelerometer sensor?

    1. Sorry – I’ve added the heart to Huawei watch. Yes, we support heart rate measurement on this watch (and also any other Android Wear watch).

      The other question – we don’t have that implemented, to use the in-phone heart rate sensor. But could you add that to as a request?

    1. Hello Anurag. We don’t know. The truth is that MIO doesn’t have a public API to connect to the sensor. However Mio Link uses a standardized bluetooth messages to send the heart rate data, so we are able to use this.
      So maybe mio fuse will also use standard pathway to send the heart rate data.
      But for sure it won’t be sending the motion data.

    1. Hello, neither Mi Band 1 nor 2 are supported and probably won’t be….the platform is very very bad, closed and constantly changing… Xiaomi is doing constant moves to avoid any 3rd party integrations.

  84. What about ant+ heartrate monitoring on devices that support it? Many of the Sony and Samsung phones and watches both support the ant+ services already so it should be relatively simple to tap into this. Many of us already have heartrate monitors working with our other apps and would prefer not to have to replace them just to use for sleep tracking with your app. Especially since, and I hate to say this but, there is support in other sleep tracking apps.

  85. For the Pebble Time I had the “flatilne” problem tonight. When you say “reset” your phone, do you mean a factory reset or simply a power off-on cycle?

      1. It was enabled and I had the exact same thought. I will disable it and try again tonight. In the meantime I also went through a power on-off cycle. Is there any known compatibility issues with other background or sleeping apps? I mean things like UP, Misfit or Morpheuz?

    1. Hello Jeff, Mi Band is a really bad closed platform. The only aim of Xiaomi and theereason why the device is so cheap is that they want the data and the community for themselves only.
      They do whatever they can to avoid any 3rd party integration – which would be great for the users.

      Not only every reverse engineered knowledge is useless after each firmware update (because they change bluetooth commands entirely), in the latest firmware they even introduced encryption which makes only the official Mi Fit app able to talk to the Mi Band.
      We have tried hard to make this possible but due to the recent development I don’t want to spend any additional time on this. We are still negotiating with Zdenek Horak’s Mi Band tools if they can provide support for Sleep as Android’s sleep tracking but due to the recent changes I’m unsure he will still have the enthusiasm to invest into this any longer.

      Sorry about that, but it is time to look for another more open fitness tracker.

  86. Hi,

    It seems like a recent change to the Pebble Time firmware has affected the battery while using this app overnight, and other companion apps. I don’t think I’m the only one seeing this. My watch is v3.14, and when I go to sleep with 100% battery, I wake up and my watch is at maybe 50% – 60%. It used to drop less than 10% a night, and now I have to charge the watch every day, which is pretty lame.

    Is anyone else seeing this? Is there a known fix?

    1. Hello, could you please restart / factory reset your watch? I’ve had only one such report other than you, but we didn’t find a way to resolve it yet…

      1. OK, I performed a factory reset, and started tracking the battery life before/after bed. Details are below. It does seem better, but not as good as it used to be. I used to only lose maybe 10% each night.

        I typically get around 7 hours of sleep:
        08/15 – 90% – 60%
        08/16 – 40% – 30%
        08/17 – 90% – 80%
        08/18 – 40% – 0% (died after 4 hours)
        08/19- no data
        08/20 – 50% – 40%
        08/21 – 100% – 90%
        08/22 – 70% – 10%
        08/23 – 90% – 60%
        08/24 – 90% – 80%

  87. Hi there, I’ve tried your app while my wife was away and could just put my phone on the bed next to me. I was very impressed and now I want to purchase a wearable device so I can keep using the app without my wife’s motion interfering with anything. My question is: What is the most accurate and reliable wearable device that you support? I’ve noticed that a lot of your supported devices have known issues. I don’t care so much about battery life or the cost, I just want something that will give accurate information and that will not have any random issues requiring me to do resets or anything like that.


    1. I am copying what I’ve already sent you in email, for others to see:

      The most reliable smartwatch is the Pebble, period. It has the best battery life, no problems with connection and the platform is so simple that any issues were always resolved very quickly. The bonus is that we are using Pebbles ourselves, so we have direct feedback, as opposed to the other watches where we usually get feedback about any issues from other users of the app.
      If you need the smartwatch ASAP, I’ll go with any 1st gen Pebble, but if you don’t mind waiting a few months, the Pebble 2 will be released in autumn and will also have heart rate sensor for a very good price.

      Other than that, LG G Watch (R or Urbane) would be the second best or on par with the Pebble.

    1. At the moment yes the phone needs to be connected. We are also considering an offline version but this is a big investment as we need to reimplement all sleep tracking on the watch and at the moment the smart watch platforms are simply too diversed and in its infancy..

  88. Hello

    I noticed that you guys have said samsung gear fit 2 could be supported. What’s the likelihood that it will be? Is it more of a “we’ll get around to it when we have the time” or a “we’re still figuring out how to develop an app on it?”

    In either case, is there an estimate to how long it will take to be supported? In general once you have begun work on a wearable how long does the process take for it to be fully supported?

    Thanks for the app! Any response would be appreciated.

    1. Hello Memon, the case is that the code for Fit 2 would probably be pretty much the same as for Gear S2. But it is still unclear whether it is possible for 3rd party developers to put apps for Fit 2 on the Samsung store.
      We still have issues with the Gear S2, so once we get this one into a stable version, we’ll review the code for Fit2 and try to submit an application to Samsung (they review all apps manually)

  89. Hi, sorry to be talking again about mi band.
    There are other non-official apps having success to communicate with mi band, for example “mi hear rate” “mi band notify and fitness” “mi band tools”. Unfortunately these apps are not so powerful as “sleep as android” for sleeping tracking and smart alarm.
    So I suggest you could make some partnership with one of these apps, you both could profit with this, since mi band is a great value/cost hardware. Many people and I would pay for this.

    1. Hello, we have already partnered with Mi Band Tools, but Xiaomi has changed the firmware / connection mode once again and even the author of Miband Tools starts to be totally mad at Xiaomi. The band is great, but the attitude towards 3rd party developers is unfortunately unbreakable…

  90. Hi!
    Do you plan to support the newly released Samsung Gear Fit 2? It is based on Tizen now and have custom apps/widgets suppport. I believe it has the same Tizen API as Gear S series.

  91. Hello, do you have any buying recommendations for wearables? My primary and possibly only use case would be sleep tracking. So I guess I am looking for something cheap + accurate.

    1. Hello Markus, if you can wait, I would totally go for the Pebble 2. It is in the cheaper area, has heart rate sensor, and definitely will be supported by us for long.
      Also LG watches (Urbane, R) are great

  92. Hi,

    how do I know if the app is connected to my Gear Fit 2 via bluetooth? The waiting to connect normally takes long, and the sensor tests does not seems to register my Gear Fit 2. Also, I cannot find the download for the add on for Gear Fit 2.

  93. Hi guys, I am using an LG G Watch R for tracking. It has the newest OS, my phone is a Nexus 6P with Android Nougat DP final. The phone is OK, but the watch uses ~40 percent battery for one night’s sleep (and no, I am just wishing to be able to sleep for 16 hours). Is there anything I can try to lower this number?

    1. Hello, if you use HR monitoring than consider turning it off. This will save half of the battery. If you are not using HR, than this consumption is rather high, I would expect around 20% on this device, so in this case I would consider a stock battery-friendly watchface or a factory reset to see that there is not something wrong on the background..

  94. Hi, I’ve been reading through the comments and see that there is no way to directly collect data from the Garmin Vivosmart HR.

    As an alternative, would it be possible to collect data from the Garmin Connect app itself? Sort of like how you can push data to Google Fit, but the other way around.

    1. Hello Rizal, you can probably do that using, which has added Garmin Connect pipeline yesterday. You can then feed the data to Google Fit and then to Sleep as Android.

    1. Works fairly well for me. Seems to have more reliable reading than the Huawei watch. M600 watch has reasonable sensors (GPS, heart rate, etc), but it is a bulky watch with a tiny screen and very slow charger. I use it only in the gym and while sleeping. I plan to use it for swimming, but I haven’t got the chance to do so yet.

    2. Hi all,
      It appears to work fine with Polar m600. HR graph seems accurate and all functions can be performed from the watch. I will be surprised if the sleeping graph is so accurate without access to watch accelerometer data.
      If you set snoring prevention to watch vibration, it vibrates 3 times and wakes you up.

  95. In the latest version of software for the vivosmart HR there is a new feature that allows you to broadcast your HR. Were you aware of this? I have HR tracking turned on and I have tried using the HR via my tracker but it never connects. I dont know if garmin has released information on how to communicate with the tracker in broadcast mode, but could be worth checking into it.

    1. Hello Aaron, this might work if the broadcast uses standard BTLE HR protocol. In that case our app is ready for the connection right now.
      Not sure which option you have tried, so I’ll try to guide you from the beginning. Go to Settings>Wearables>[Heart rate monitoring] Bluetooth Smart (LE) and turn it on. You can turn all the other options off.
      Then just start sleep tracking and see whether the big BT icon will discover the device.
      In any case, please send me a debug log afterwards so I can examine the details (menu > report a bug)

          1. Thank you so much! Really looking fwd to this. I’ve a Vivoactive HR and a Oneplus 2 running Android 5.2, happy to be a test bed if you need extra beta testers.

  96. Just wondering if you use HR, GSR, Respiratory Rate to measure sleep phase, as the accelerometer can be innacurate by itself
    Also do you support jawbone UP3 and Angel sensor
    Also can you recomend a cheap wearble to increase sleep phase determinatio accuracy ?

    1. Hi George, as far as I know, Scosche has no API….if you are talking about heart rate measurement, please try it if it is possible to read the data via Settings > Wearables > Heart rate / Bluetooth Smart (LE)