Smart light bulbs

Supported lightbulbs

  • Philips HUE
  • Philips HUE Lux

You can also control other smartlights (such as LIFX or Wemo) via IFTTT or Tasker.

How to set up

Enable Settings > Smartlight > Use smartlight.


  • Sunrise-like wake up – you can use light-only alarm which starts at minimum brightness red and slowly moves to maximum yellow light if gentle alarm feature is used
    • To set it up, turn on Use smartlight and set up either (mutually exclusive):
      • gentle volume increase in either Alarm settings > Gentle volume increase or in Settings > Alarm default settings > Gentle volume increase. To adjust the speed at which the light brightens, adjust the gentle volume increase time.
      • alarm sound start in either Alarm settings > Alarm sound start or in Settings > Alarm default settings > Alarm sound start. The light will rise in intensity so it will be at maximum when the sound starts.
    • When you snooze, the light will turn off until the snooze runs off.
    • Dismissing alarm will turn the light intensity to the maximum at once.
    • To have the alarm silent, go to the alarm in question and then to Ringtone > Silent.
  • Night-light or pee-light – when you pause sleep tracking, a minimal red light allows you to navigate around
    • Turn it on in Settings > Smartlight > Pee-light.
  • Light-powered lucid dreaming cue
    • Turn it on in Settings > Smartlight > Lucid dreaming. To use light lucid dreaming, you need to have lucid dreaming enabled in Settings > Lucid dreaming.


136 thoughts on “Smart light bulbs

      1. That’s cool!
        I’m also considering buying one, a RGB version, to use with Sleep as Android.
        Did you get a RGB one? It’d be cool to have the dim red light option available as well.

  1. Any way to stop the light from turning bright when dismissed? I use this with my wife sleeping next to me and I don’t want to turn it bright like that. Thanks!

    1. Sorry for the limitation this is to make sure you wake up in the morning, but totally understand your use-case. Maybe a workaround would do the job? What about simply snoozing the alarm and immediately after dismissing it?

      1. I have snoozing, then turning the light off physically then disabling alarm. If I snooze and dismiss doesn’t the light come on still?

        Thanks for super fast reply.

        I also am struggling to get the light slowly light up. Seems to just come on when alarm is on. I tried doing the slowly increase sound setting (with no ringtone). Doesn’t seem to do it.

  2. I am having trouble getting my Phillips hue to simulate sunrise. Right now it starts the sunrise when my alarm goes off. So it I’d a deep red when I wake. I tried messing with the settings suggested above. No luck

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