Garmin integration beta testing

UPDATE 20170217: The watch app is on ConnectIQ store! If you download from the store, do not follow any steps on this page.

Interested in beta testing our integration for Garmin Connect IQ devices?

Before downloading, please read How to beta-test below.

  1. Download the plugin app for phone from Play Store
  2. Download the Garmin app for your device and install it by putting it into GARMIN/APPS directory on your device – watch app version 20170127.15

These files are the most up-to-date materials for beta testing.

How to beta-test?

IMPORTANT: First, create an empty text file on your watch in /GARMIN/APPS/LOGS/
The file should be named SleepApp-name_of_your_watch.txt (for example SleepApp-fenix3.txt)
This is an application log – please include this file in any report.

Make sure to remove Garmin Connect Mobile app from any battery optimisation settings!

Run the app, preferably for whole night sleep tracking with alarm and heart rate measurement, and report any erratic behaviour to

Currently known issues

  • Garmin Connect Mobile app should be whitelisted from any battery optimisation/task killers, otherwise Android can shut it down, resulting in communication breakdown.
  • Sometimes the commlink gets into a broken state anyway and the only way to restore it is to shut down both Android and watch apps and start again. Most probably a Garmin Connect Mobile bug.
  • Heart rates in general have large issues.
  • When the app starts, it can sometimes crash right away due to some communication initialization failure between the watch OS and GCM.
  • Fenix 3 – screen sometimes freezes when exiting app
  • Fenix 3 – button for starting/stopping apps should bring up the menu for stopping tracking (does not do anything currently)
  • Sometimes stop tracking from phone does not stop the app on watch
  • VAHR – During sleep tracking, app has too bright backlight (maximum) — Not sure if I can do anything about this since there is no direct control of brightness level
  • VAHR – When starting app from phone, watchapp crashes after tapping on Yes.

Release notes

20170127.15 phone

  • Major rewrite of the phone part to ensure the SDK is always initialized before sending any message to the watch.

20170127.15 watch

  • Reverted to polling for heart rates, since callback seems to be unstable on some watches
  • Fix in sending pause (caused message loop)
  • Fix in menu crashes
  • Code cleanup

20170118.18 – watch

  • Fixed crashing in menu (when pressing back in menu, app crashed due to badly loaded background image)
  • Added on-screen heartrate display for better testing
  • Some HR fixes, heart rates should now be sent to phone every 6 minutes
  • Added Forerunner 920xt + 735xt

20170118.17 – phone

  • Added launcher icon and launch screen to check whether all needed components are installed
  • Phone app now able to launch watch app (you need to confirm it on the watch)


  • Heart rates should be working (was never working before)

109 thoughts on “Garmin integration beta testing

  1. Last night again I had problems starting the tracking. Eventually, after power cycle on the phone, it started, but again closed somewhere in the middle of the night. The log file Sleep3HR.TXT is, unfortunately, empty.
    I’ve also enabled the HR monitoring (didn’t know it would be “Android Wear/Pebble” before :)), and on the summary graph after the SaA alarm went off I saw 2 graphs now, but, obviously, both a straight line.

  2. Hi,

    I just installed SleepAsAndroid and attempted to connect it to my FR235 after a friend recommended the app (and I couldn’t pass up the ability to get better sleep stats from the watch). It looks like I did manage to get some sleep stats from last night, but they’re incomplete (looks like e.g. it missed my 4:30am walk to the kitchen to get cold medicine for one of the kids, and is missing some of the sleep state transitions that Connect sees), and are missing HR data.

    Here are some questions I have:
    1. I started everything from the phone app, at which point I get a ‘Start sleep’ prompt with a ‘Yes’ / ‘No’ question. I’m able to select ‘Yes’, but nothing happens after that, except the “Yes” button being highlighted. Should I be starting it from the watch? What is the proper order of starting tracking?

    2. I turned on the HR monitoring via the “Android Wear, Pebble” switch in the “Wearables” settings… should I be using the BT HR option instead?

    3. As a newbie, why the requirement for Airplane Mode to track sleep? Same question re: keeping screen on, etc.

    I’m liking the app, though there are SO many features it also feels a little overwhelming!

    SleepAsGarmin version: 20170118.17, SleepF235.prg version 20180118.19, BETA SleepAsAndroid app (not sure this was necessary, but I was prompted for it, so thought maybe I should).

    1. One other addition, when the alarm went off this morning, I did not get it on the watch, only on the phone. I suspect that’s related to the fact that the Sleep app didn’t really look like it had started on the watch?

      1. Hi Rafal,
        1. yes the app should do something after you press the YES button, not just highlight the button.
        2. no, you are doing it the right way
        3. airplane mode – some people do not like sleeping next to radios communicating, also the battery gets drained a lot less in airplane mode
        keeping screen on — not sure what you mean, generally it is not needed to keep screen on while sleep tracking

        If you’d like to chat about Sleep as Android beyond the Garmin integration, please contact me at

        I haven’t seen it run on Forerunner 235 yet, so it is possible that there are some issues.
        But today I have a lot of fixes for the app, I will be uploading them in a few hours, so check it out.

        1. A couple more data points with the previous version of the phone/FR235 app. Have had two nights of good tracking when starting the app from the watch, including heart rates… So that’s great! One of those nights I did have to reboot the watch when I started the app and the watch wasn’t connected to the phone… Couldn’t stop it from the watch (or phone, obviously). The other thing I noticed was the battery usage on the watch was very high, maybe 50% overnight.

          Will give the latest versions a try tonight.

  3. Thanks, Jiri! When you say you’ve got fixes forthcoming, is that for the phone app (SleepAsGarmin), the watch app, or both? It does look like starting it from the watch does work, and does appear to trigger the sleep tracking on the phone.

    I’ll grab whatever new updates you have today and let you know how it works… any thoughts on differences between the data in you app vs. that collected by Garmin Connect sleep tracking feature?


  4. First, let me say – Thank you for giving us this SleepAsGarmin integration !
    I’m running it (plugin app for phone, version 20170118.17 | watch app version 20180118.19) on my garmin FR735XT (with Hebrew as system language) few thing that I notice:
    1. the HR value on the watch is getting stuck at the first value it gets for the entire night.
    2. my watch system language was reset to English twice during the night by it self.(been facing this behavior with Garmin connect syncing process as well from time to time but I didn’t sync anything manually this time. in addition to the language been changed the app on the watch was closed, the Activity on the watch reset to running and the watch vibrate which woke me up).
    3. I’ve set vibration on the wearables section of the phone app. the alarm did execute on the phone but without any vibration on the watch.

    except those 3 issues the rest seems to be working fine.
    * I’ve forgot to mention but my phone is Samsung Galaxy s6 (android version 6.0.1) and I’m using “Sleep as android” beta main app as well.

    I’ve tried to see if there is anything new in the log file you instructed to create but it’s blank.

    hope my report will help make the app even better than it already is.
    I will keep reporting if I see any other issues.

    1. Hi Brad, could you please try to rename the log file to the exact name of the app as it appears on your watch in /GARMIN/APPS? Only of course .txt instead of .prg? I have a hard time figuring out how the logfile should be named correctly because it seems that the watch are doing some automatic renaming…

  5. With the latest update, tracking on my Vivoactive (not hr) works well. Battery usage on the watch is a tad bit high (I’d guess about 10% per night). Only thing that doesn’t work is starting tracking from the phone. Watch then only gives me the yes/no buttons, noes nothing, shows the iQ! Screen and goes back to normal watchface.

  6. I’ve noticed that all configured ANT+ sensors (HR chest monitor, footpod, etc…) in my Fenix3 get silently deactivated when the Sleep app is started. Basically I found this: Settings -> Sensors -> [Sensor name] -> Status = OFF for all sensors. I could replicate this behavior twice. It would of course be very inconvenient to manually reactivate sensors every day.

  7. I have not been able to track a whole nights sleep on my F3HR with the latest files. My watch reboots after a few minutes. Error log is empty.
    With the former version, i managed to track two full nights (including HR)

    1. After a total reset of my F3HR, it has tracked a whole nights sleep with no reboots. Still no heartrate data though. Power consumption on the watch was about 2% per hour. Next i will try adding back my watchfaces and apps..

  8. Greetings!

    I have just joined the beta, and have the app down on my Vivoactive, SAG installed, and the latest Beta SAA installed.

    I am definitely seeing very flakey behavior with starting and stopping.

    If I start from the phone, it takes a LONG time to get connectivity after I’m prompted to start the app on the phone. If I try to stop from the phone, it no longer stops the app on the phone. I have to go into the app menu on the watch and hit stop not once, but twice.

    If I start from the watch, it will start instantly, but it’s a no alarm session of course unless I add one. If I stop from the watch, it stops the session on the phone, but does not stop the app on the watch, and then the phone starts a new session. The only way to get it all to stop is go into the app menu on the watch and hit stop again. That second time will end the app and take me back to the watch face.

    About the only way I can get things to seem to start and stop correctly is to start the app on the watch, let it start a session on the phone, stop the session on the phone, start a new session on the phone (example nap), stop the session on the phone, and do a double stop from the app menu on the watch.

    I’ve not actually tried using it for a sleep session yet.

    It seemed like the stock SAA phone app handled things a little better, but not completely correctly either.

    1. Very short addition, I tried to do a nap for 15 minutes using the above start process I figured out, and it all seemed to work fine until 10 minutes in the VA watch rebooted and that was that.

    2. Hi Mike, many thanks for your feedback!
      a) Starting app from phone takes long: I have reported this to the Garmin guys, unfortunately I have no control over this as the connection initiation is handled entirely by the Garmin Connect Mobile app.
      b) Stop from phone not stopping app on watch: this should be hopefully fixed
      c) Stop from watch does not stop app on watch: When you stop tracking on watch, it sends a STOP message to phone and awaits a STOP confirmation, after which it stops watch app. Sometimes it can happen that the stop confirmation never gets through. For that case, when you stop tracking on watch for the second time, it will stop watch app instantly.
      d) The watch rebooting – would it be possible to send me a debug log?

  9. I have problems with the sleep tracking for, like, 5 or 6 days now. No combination of reboots work anymore. The logs (both SleepApp.txt and are empty. The downloaded .prg file got renamed to “SLEEPF~1.PRG”, but I guess that’s OK being a FAT16 filename length limitation..

    1. For all the firmware geeks like me — the problem started to appear after I reflashed the FW with a factory reset and restored the SaA and SaG from the Titanium backup. After I removed both and installed them from scratch, the problem seems to be solved. At least, the tracking starts now without problems. But 1 of 3 nights didn’t track correctly because the watch app crashed (returned to the watchface).
      Sorry to spam the thread, but I think the advice to not restore the apps from the Titanium backup may be useful to others.

      1. Same here. I just upgraded my Huawei Mate 8 to Android7, and restored apps and settings from a backup. SleepAsAndroid (along with a few other apps) didnt work until i uninstalled/installed them.
        Tracking has been working fine (except for HR) since then 🙂

  10. I’m kind of confused by this integration, what is the benefit of this integration if my phone can already run Sleep as Android by itself with a bluetooth HRM?

    With this integration, does the sleep data show up in Garmin connect website? If so, is it possible to import the data directly without using this additional integration?

    1. Hi Tim, wearable actigraphy is more precise than actigraphy using the phone.
      The point of this integration is to enable people who own Garmin smartwatch but do not own a HRM strap to enjoy the benefits of wearable actigraphy without need to have the phone in bed. Lot of people also use Android tablets with Sleep as Android, and they are often worried about crushing the tablet at night or pushing it over the bed border.

  11. Im just beta testing Sleep as Droid with the Garmin add on for my vivo fit HR. I had a pebble a few years ago so am familiar with how you urbandroid devs make stuff happen, but I’m just wondering why Sleep as Droid cant just extract\synch the sleep data that my Garmin smart watch collects automatically (and does a really good job of it, no button pressing or manual input). I was hoping Sleep as Droid could be my intermediary in my attempts to get my Garmin sleep data into Samsung Health, but now ive seen how Sleep as Droid interfaces with the watch, it seems like its going to collect its own sleep data? And can only start recording on manual intervention? Kind of taking a step back… :-/

    1. Hi NickL, yes, we do collect our own sleep data. We cannot rely on Garmin Connect because we need realtime data in order to do mid-night computations. Mainly smart wakeup is the reason. Garmin Connect would only enable us to get the data in the morning, after the sleep. Also there is a $5000 upfront fee to get to their Connect API, which we are quite hesitant to give…

  12. I’ve been using the beta version 20170127.15 (from this page) and it mostly great. ever since I installed the ConnectIQ store version and the google play one I’m experiencing some real issues with the app :
    1. alarm clock can’t be stopped or snooze from the watch.
    2. last night even though the app on the phone started to monitor when I ran the app on the watch. this morning I’ve notice that the night summary graph on the app shows flat line.
    3. when the alarm triggers the watch vibrate non stop and even snoozing from the phone won’t stops it.

    I’ve purchase sleep as android full version cause the experience with the beta was good but now it’s mostly bad. the last few nights gave me different issue (presumably bug) each night.
    please help.

    I’m using Garmin Forerunner 735XT with the latest firmware 7.10

  13. Hi Jiri

    Great to see extended sleep tracking being integrated into the Garmin connect store with your app. I thought I would give the beta a go on my VAHR.
    Apart from the immediate issues you already know about, the one major issue I am having is sleep as android is not logging my heart rate data from my VAHR. It has the most recent F/W.

    I am hoping this is a known issue and I do have a quick question…What process does sleep as android use to get the HRM data, is it bluetooth or ANT?
    I ask because I am using a custom ROM and the native ANT service is not present on my device.

    On a side note, the accelerometer data is picked up fine.

    1. Hi Robert, thank you very much for your feedback! That’s a good question regarding HRM. Are you getting HRM in any other apps? The Garmin documentation is a little cloudy on this and in fact it is possible that internally they are pulling the HRM data from the sensor to the watch via ANT. I don’t know and I’ll ask that on a forum.

      1. I have been running your app with my VAHR for around 5 nights consecutively now and it did on the 4th occasion successfully record my heart rate, but the other 4 it did not. This leads me to believe that Bluetooth is used for the HR data as it would be impossible for the HR data to be transmitted via ANT as my custom ROM does not have have the relevant ANT HAL services present.

        I am an android power user and have xposed installed with various battery saving modules installed (amplify, powernap, no wakelock). I have now removed their functionality and tonight I will test whether that has made a difference and reply again. Maybe one of those is causing my issue.

          1. Just a heads up Jiri.

            Have tested with the xposed modules deactivated for 2 consecutive nights and it seems to have fixed the missing HR data. Everything is working as it should. It is even picking up my REM sleep cycles now and some very strange sounds.

            So it seems I was the problem meh!😀 One of the services I limited must have been interfering with the data communication.

            Keep up the great work.

      2. The VAHR only broadcasts HR data over ANT and not BTLE. I have tested this with other apps – only my ipad with an ANT+ dongle picks up the broadcast HR from the VAHR. Does this mean my BTLE only phone with Sleep As Android will receive HR data?

        1. Yes, I am gathering the HR data internally in the watch and then sending them via BTLE, so there is no ANT+ involved.
          The other face of the coin is that for a lot of people the HR just doesn’t work for some mysterious reason — the data are never read from the sensor presumably.

  14. Can you make the app available in other regions/device variations? The ConnectIQ does not allow the app to install on my Fenix 3 HR APAC. Thanks!

    Keep up the good work. Greetings from Bangkok.

      1. APAC is for Asia Pacific
        Somehow following the Connect link would say the app is not found while logging in using my account. I believe Garmin treated the APAC 3 HR as another model as the ROM also supports non-Latin languages.
        When deploy the Connect app, you might want to look at the region or the version(s) of the device. Right now, the direct .prg from your site works fine though.

  15. Are old versions of the watch app available for download anywhere?
    I have had no luck at all with the version dated 20170221, but the previous version worked fine, so i would like to load the older version.

      1. I did install from the store. But the current version (dated 20170221) has not worked for me at all. What i’m looking for is the version that was on the app store before 2017221.

  16. Same here than Claus Bjerregaard :
    I did install IQ Store version on 24/02/17.
    Before this update everything was working fine on VAHR.

    Since this update :
    HR : only gives 2 values : when I start the app, and when I close it
    Movements sensor : it is dead Jim! Nothing gets to SleepAsAndroid phone App.

    I am also using Play Store SleepAsGarmin version and Play Store Beta SleepAsAndroid.

    Watch Log files: empty, as usual…

  17. Tried the latest release (20170314-u) last night.
    It tracked movement and HR all night, but my F3HR rebooted in the morning, when i stopped tracking on the phone.
    Battery consumption on the watch was about 2% per hour.

    F3HR running 4.20
    Huawei Mate 8 running android 7

    1. Hi Elliot, that would be great. At present ConnectIQ apps cannot run in background so it is not possible. Also confirmation on start is by design of Garmin and it’s not possible to do it any other way.
      Background tasks are however coming so fall asleep detection might be possible in the future.

  18. Hi,
    I’m still a little confused. Is the vivofit hr+ supported? I like its activity tracking and before I get one, I need to know if HR tracking works with Sleep as.

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