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    1. Hi Alexandre, we have that — Play Music playlists are loaded into ringtone playlists. But you have to have the music downloaded locally. Google Music does not have any API, so it’s all reverse engineering.

  1. I was successfully using the add on for gear s2 but no.longer works. This app was one of the main reasons I dumped my fir it for gear s2. Please help. I am currently on all code. I am a software developer and can help.with qa.

        1. Sleep is showing Tasker checked though I have neither Tasker nor any other alike app installed. So why is it checked?
          Nevertheless Sleep is able to turn on my WiFi to play Spotify on alarm. Does it have such features by its own and that is why it is ticked?

          1. Dear Chris, thanks for your comment. The Tasker support is enabled by default, but it doesn’t do anything when Tasker itself is not installed. We think of it as a form of letting you know that you can use Tasker with SaA, otherwise you wouldn’t probably know about it. We consider it so powerful that it has this exclusive position – all other options are hidden when you don’t have the SW or HW for them.
            Anyway – turning on wifi is a feature of the app itself, you can safely turn off Tasker without worries.

  2. Unlocked pro version. Wearables used to work, but not anymore. I’m using a Samsung gear Neo 2. Haven’t been able to use wearable to track sleep since last update.

  3. Why does the weather report seem to be way off in both weather and temperature?
    Right now we experience -6°C and clear sky, while the integrated forecast say +12°C and cloudy?!

  4. Using sleep and it works quite nice. So I bough the pro now.
    Could you integrate the check of breathing for sleep apnoe like in “Beurer SE80 SleepEXPERT”. Maybe over the integration of the SE80 (https://www.beurer.com/web/de/produktneuheiten/neuheiten/SleepExpert.php). I had this but sent it back as I have to send my sleepingdata to Beurer to get the analysis and to save them. And I won’t share any of my data with anyone than myself. Your soloution with the oxicheck is nice but don’t know if it checks breathing. Is it available for germany?

    Thanks mareri

    1. Oh, this API has been hanging around for a long time, unfortunately:
      1)it is a web API, not a device API, meaning we cannot get the data directly from the device
      2)the data given are aggregated by fitbit, so even if we took them, we don’t know what they’ve done to the data and it wouldn’t be consistent and comparable with e.g. what you would measure with the phone’s accelerometer
      3)they don’t allow the API to be commercially used easily
      4)it doesn’t seem that they would be aiming to change any of this

    1. +Gavin sorry about that, but Samsung does not allow third parties to post any apps for the Fit 2. Only pre-selected partners, we are trying to find out how to become one but it is quite difficult to communicate this with the corporate..

  5. Sleep-as-androiders!!!! hey have you looked at Striiv Integration? Here is the API Signup, https://striiv-api-prod.appspot.com/api/1/app_register and here is more info about what it gives you: http://www.striivpartners.com/content/Striiv-API-Document.pdf. This data has also been added to the HumanAPI project over on GitHub which you should probably check out if you haven’t already. (http://humanapi.github.io/2015/08/14/New-Source-Striiv/) If you need help testing, I cannot, unfortunately provide a device, but I can be a guinea pig! I am a developer and would gladly help you out with whatever you needed! My wife has the Striiv Fusion Bio, which is activity + sleep + HR, and I am thinking about the newer version or the Striiv Fusion 2.

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