Sonar – compatible devices

Find out below if your phone supports sonar.

The list is just general guidance. On your phone, sonar may behave differently. Please try it and let us know if it works (, ideally send a debug log [Menu > Report a bug])!


  • supported: A lot of Android phones are able to track sleep using ultrasound (sonar). The ones in the table below are confirmed to be working.
  • partially – small signal strength: The device has been repeatedly used by a sufficiently large number of users, so it means that it a kind of works. But the signal strength that we measured is not very big so the sensitivity might be poor.
  • partially – large average offset: The device has been repeatedly used by a sufficiently large number of users, so it means that it a kind of works. But many users set large volume offset which indicates that the device tends to produce audible artifacts.
  • unsupported: The device has been tested by a sufficiently large number of users, and the signal strength tends to be very small. We are not certain that these devices do not work at all, but it is very likely that they perform poorly at the best.
SupportedDeviceNameUsers CountMedian Signal StrengthMean Volume Offset
SupportedSamsung SM-N910GGalaxy Note 44828.50.0
SupportedSamsung SM-N900VGalaxy Note 3 (Verizon)4150.00.0
SupportedSamsung SM-G901F4325.50.0
SupportedSamsung SM-G930W871130.00.0
SupportedSamsung SCH-I5454438.00.0
SupportedHUAWEI GRA-L094159.50.0
SupportedSamsung SM-G925V4583.50.0
SupportedMotorola XT15759681.00.1
SupportedMotorola XT15628456.50.1
SupportedSony D6653594.00.2
SupportedSamsung SM-G925P51430.00.2
SupportedHTC One12314.00.2
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G935A18669.50.2
SupportedSamsung SM-G935W89753.00.2
SupportedSamsung SM-G935V43834.00.3
SupportedSamsung SM-N900T6511.00.3
SupportedMotorola XT15859115.00.4
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I3375346.00.4
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G920A8449.00.4
SupportedSamsung SM-G900I5614.00.4
SupportedSamsung SM-G930V28948.50.4
SupportedHTC 10956.00.4
SupportedSamsung SM-J500FN4119.50.5
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G930A7990.00.5
SupportedLGE Nexus 5X161376.00.5
SupportedMotorola XT15634328.50.5
SupportedSamsung SM-G900V18235.00.5
SupportedSamsung SM-G928V4651.50.5
SupportedSamsung SM-G920V18474.50.6
SupportedHTC One_M813529.00.6
SupportedAsus ASUS_Z00AD1553.00.6
SupportedSamsung SM-G920W815376.00.6
SupportedLGE VS985 4G7277.00.6
SupportedOnePlus ONE E10038135.00.6
SupportedMotorola XT125410112.50.6
SupportedSamsung SM-N910T5738.00.6
SupportedSamsung SM-G925F52787.50.6
SupportedSamsung SM-G900F62806.50.7
SupportedSamsung SM-G930P101162.50.7
SupportedOnePlus ONEPLUS A300021179.00.7
SupportedLGE Nexus 583354.00.7
SupportedSamsung SM-N9004576.00.8
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-N910A4720.50.8
SupportedSony D66031384.00.8
SupportedHUAWEI EVA-L0912196.00.8
SupportedSony C69035180.00.8
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G900A12260.00.8
SupportedHTC One M911100.00.9
SupportedSamsung SM-G930T17973.00.9
SupportedSamsung GT-I950523586.00.9
SupportedSamsung SM-N910F32297.50.9
SupportedSamsung GT-I919552528.00.9
SupportedSamsung SM-N900534236.00.9
SupportedSamsung SM-G900FD6395.51.0
SupportedSamsung SM-N920T5846.01.0
SupportedSamsung SM-G935P5307.01.0
SupportedLGE LG-D8524527.01.0
SupportedSamsung SM-N910C16137.01.0
SupportedSamsung SM-A510F12566.01.0
SupportedAsus Nexus 71398.01.0
SupportedSamsung SM-G900P6434.51.0
SupportedSamsung SM-G900W85446.01.0
SupportedLGE LG-H812795.01.1
SupportedSamsung SM-N920V10309.01.2
SupportedSamsung SM-G800F12616.51.2
SupportedSamsung SM-G925I9425.01.2
SupportedLGE Pixel5521.01.2
SupportedLge LG-D802499.01.2
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G870A4253.01.2
SupportedMotorola XT109244796.51.2
SupportedSamsung SM-G920P6264.51.2
SupportedSamsung SM-G920F83428.01.3
SupportedHUAWEI VNS-L3115257.01.3
SupportedHUAWEI VNS-L215326.01.4
SupportedMotorola MotoG314300.01.4
SupportedSamsung SM-N910V11200.01.4
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-N920A4673.51.5
SupportedSamsung SM-G935F139675.01.5
SupportedSamsung GT-N7100686.51.5
SupportedOnePlus ONEPLUS A300356228.51.5
SupportedSamsung SM-N930F5810.01.6
SupportedSony E685312186.01.7
SupportedSamsung SM-G930F105856.01.7
SupportedLGE LG-D85517787.01.7
SupportedSony D550312154.51.8
SupportedSamsung SM-G935T17741.01.8
SupportedMotorola XT15808165.51.8
SupportedSamsung SM-G920I10541.51.8
SupportedHUAWEI ALE-L211158.01.9
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G890A6371.52.0
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G891A6554.02.0
SupportedSamsung SM-N920C7311.02.0
Partially – large average offsetXiaomi Redmi Note 39109.02.1
Partially – large average offsetMotorola Nexus 6192948.02.2
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-N750543657.52.5
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-A310F6327.52.5
Partially – large average offsetMotorola XT1635-027251.02.5
Partially – large average offsetFairphone FP24558.02.5
Partially – large average offsetHuawei Nexus 6P138254.52.5
Partially – large average offsetLGE Nexus 410231.52.5
Partially – large average offsetSony E665315620.02.7
Partially – large average offsetMeizu m2458.52.8
Partially – large average offsetMotorola Moto G (4)16240.52.8
Partially – large average offsetMotorola XT15727409.02.9
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G928F7149.03.0
Partially – large average offsetLGE LG-H810486.53.2
Partially – large average offsetLGE LG-H81532102.03.4
Partially – large average offsetSony F83314151.53.5
Partially – large average offsetLGE LG-D8024118.03.8
Partially – large average offsetSony E582315115.03.9
Partially – large average offsetOnePlus A00019337.05.3
Not supportedZTE A2017G131.01.3
Not supportedOnePlus ONE A2003821.01.2
Not supportedOnePlus ONE A2005241.00.9
Not supportedSamsung GT-I9305111.01.6
Not supportedXiaomi Redmi 3171.00.9
Not supportedHUAWEI KIW-L2171.00.7
Not supportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I74761.50.7
Not supportedHUAWEI KIW-L2452.00.6
Not supportedSamsung SPH-L71042.01.0
Not supportedMotorola XT105252.00.8
Not supportedSamsung GT-I9300192.01.2
Not supportedOnePlus ONE A2001132.00.7
Not supportedSamsung GT-I9300I42.51.0
Not supportedLENOVO Lenovo K50a4063.00.8
Not supportedDOOGEE X553.00.4
Not supportedMotorola XT105883.00.6
Not supportedMotorola XT103373.00.6
Not supportedMotorola XT104945.00.2
Not supportedMotorola XT1032155.00.9
Not supportedLGE VS99566.51.0
Not supportedMeizu PRO 577.03.4
Not supportedElephone P900077.00.6
Not supportedLGE LG-H91087.00.5
Not supportedMotorola XT102847.50.8
Not supportedLGE LG-LS99759.00.6
Not supportedLGE LG-H990410.00.6
Not supportedLENOVO Lenovo A7010a48911.03.1
Not supportedLGE LG-US996412.00.2
Not supportedSony D65033014.50.8
Not supportedUlefone Power516.00.6
Not supportedSamsung SM-A300FU720.00.6
Not supportedSamsung SM-J710F821.00.9
Not supportedSony 401SO422.01.2
Not supportedXiaomi Redmi Note 4523.00.4
Not supportedBq Aquaris M51123.01.5
Not supportedLGE LG-H9182324.00.7
Not supportedLGE LG-H8111425.01.6
Partially – small signal strengthSony D58031940.00.5
Partially – small signal strengthGoogle Pixel7240.00.6
Partially – small signal strengthGoogle Pixel XL6726.00.7
Partially – small signal strengthSamsung SM-G903F420.51.0


7 thoughts on “Sonar – compatible devices

  1. Sonar works absolutely great on my Samsung Galaxy S7. There is just a slight issue which is that if I activate the Noise recording / Snore detection, the recording is composed mostly of the sonar continuous blips, and very little of the actual sound recording can be heard over that. Unlike operational sonar sound which is not heard as expected. Maybe in the future you could process the recording to digitally remove these continuous blips of fixed frequency, that would be great 🙂

    1. Many thanks. We are working on a sonar redesign which will address mainly this issue. Hopefully we will be able to not get the artifact in the recordings in the first place 🙂

  2. Sonar worked very well on my Samsung S5 (SM-G900I) but says not supported on my LG G6 (LG-H870K). Bug report sent as this is I’ve of the best features of this app.

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