Sleep as Android offers four types of widgets You can place on Your device’s desktop.

Tracking widget

The tracking widget is the reminder widget that shows You how soon You should get into bed.
Its normal state is grey, but turns into green two hours before the scheduled bedtime and shows the countdown. When You reach bedtime, the widget turns red as a warning that You should go to sleep ASAP.

Alarm widget

The alarm widget has two states.
If Your next scheduled bedtime is sooner than 99 minutes, it will show countdown to this bedtime.
In any other case – bedtime is farther than 99 minutes – the widget will show the time of the next alarm.

Droid widget (icon)

The droid widget is the “happy week” widget.
It changes appearance depending on time, date, day of the week and other factors. Find out all the droid faces!

Hypnogram widget

This widget shows Your last hypnogram, so You can check today’s sleep of Yours. Clicking on it brings You to the Sleep as Android application.


6 thoughts on “Widgets

  1. It would be great if we could choose which graph to display instead of the hypnogram. For me personally, it has limited use since I see it when I turn the alarm off in the morning anyway, but the actigraph is handy since it also includes my heart rate (and breathing rate if its been recorded). For some, the noise plot might be more useful.

  2. Really nice app, I tried it and immediately adopt it ! I´m using more and more functionality.
    I´m also interested to know the status of Key´s question, as I also agree that the actigraph will be more nice as widget as it include more information (heart rate, breathing, alarm, snooze etc …). My plan is to use the widget on a separate tablet (sync with the sleep cloud) to check it more carefully when having breakfast or so (i.e. more awake than when just waking up …) at least if this can´t be done, it will be useful to add on the hypnogram widget the time on the x axis (best would be also the heart rate info etc …)
    I hope this will be possible on a future version.

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