Snoring detection

How to enable Snoring detection

Snoring related features are configured in Settings > Sleep noise recording > Snoring detection.

CAUTION: Enabling snoring detection will automatically enable Sleep noise recording, this may lead to higher battery consumption during sleep tracking.

What is snoring detection good for?

Common snoring isn’t dangerous for your health, but may decrease the efficiency of your and your partner’s sleep. According to various sleep studies, 30% of the population are occasional snorers. But snoring may indicate more several respiratory issues such as theOSA – obstructive sleep apnea. Recent evidence show this dangerous disorder is greatly under-diagnosed and prevalence may reach up to 10% in population.

IMPORTANT: if your snoring length significantly exceeds this average for a longer period of tracking we do highly recommend visiting your local sleep lab to perform further diagnostics by the professionals. Even regular snoring isn’t really dangerous there are other disorders similar to snoring which may have fatal consequences such as the OSA – obstructive sleep apnea. We plan to bring specific OSA detection in one of the future releases of Sleep as Android.

How does snoring detection work?

Over a long period of time, we have been gathering snoring samples in order to teach Sleep as Android to recognize snoring by machine learning. Currently our algorithm is based on a training set of 600 snoring recordings. We are constantly gathering new and adding to the set in order to improve snoring detection accuracy. See more on this in How it works.

How do I know that snoring has been detected?

In the sleep graph, you can see detected snoring events marked with inv_ic_action_noise as well as total snoring time for a particular night.

If the volume of your snoring is above the recording threshold, it will get recorded. The recording will be tagged with the #snore tag.

NOTE: It may happen that snoring is detected, but no noise record is capture at this time as the snoring volume was under the noise recording threshold.


Sleep as Android offers an anti-snoring feature. It will react to your snoring and try to make you stop snoring. You can configure Sleep to either:

  • vibrate
  • do a 3x tongue click sound (this is many cultures considered a traditional anti-snoring action)
  • do both (vibrate + 3x tongue click)

Anti-snoring is configured under Settings > Sleep noise recording > Snoring detection > Anti-snoring. Apart from audible anti-snoring you can also set your Smart light devices to react to your snoring under Settings > Smart light or use Wearable device vibrations.