Heart rate detection – beta feature

Why heart rate detection?

If you own an Android Wear smartwatch with heart rate (HR) sensor or a dedicated Bluetooth HR strap, you can use them to make sleep tracking more accurate.

How to setup heart rate detection?

For using with Android Wear or Pebble:

  • Go to Settings > Wearables and enable both Sleep tracking (Use wearables) and Heart rate monitoring – Android Wear, Pebble

For using with Bluetooth HR strap:

  • Go to Settings > Wearables and enable Bluetooth Smart (LE)

Now just start sleep tracking and you’re good to go! The sleep tracking screen will show a heart symbol every once in a while to confirm that HR data are getting through.

Sleep graph with heart rate

A normal sleep graph with heart rate detected will look like this:

Heart rate graph

The red line shows the actual heart rate value, numbers represent minimal and maximal value.