Sleep Phaser – a different kind of sleep tracker

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Sleep Phaser. A smart bedside lamp that tracks your sleep phases. Get your own Sleep Phaser now! Urbandroid Team introduces a different kind of sleep tracking device. With bedroom-friendly design and uniquely used infrared contactless sensor, sleep tracking can finally get invisible. The story behind Sleep Phaser We knew that for the best future compatibility with Sleep as Android, we have to develop our own device. Yes, Sleep as Android offers a lot of integrations with third-party hardware, but at any moment those integrations can break for reasons out of our control. […]


We’re the best of the best: Sleep as Android among 16 Android Excellence Apps

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The best of the best: Sleep as Android among 16 Android Excellence Apps of 2017 We are honored to see that Sleep as Android was selected by Google Play Store editors as one of the Android Excellence Apps of 2017. Only fifteen other apps were chosen for this award – for example Skyscanner, Runtastic, Evernote. […]


Sonar: Revolutionary contactless sleep tracking

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  SONAR Revolutionary contactless sleep tracking Introducing a new way of sleep tracking using ultrasonic waves. Have you been interested in monitoring your sleep, only to be repelled by the fact that you need a phone in your bed? Or an expensive hardware? Sleep tracking has been known as a notoriously uncomfortable process, where you […]